• "I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty." ~Imelda Marcos
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I started swimming lessons at a young age and joined a team the summer after second grade.  I wore a blue floral swimsuit with three little pink bows on each side.  On my head was a sideways swim cap (the seam went from ear-to-ear) and a humongous pair of square suction goggles.  Think of welding goggles and you’re not too far off.  Fashionable?  Absolutely.

I picked it up easily, especially backstroke, and over the next few years won races and set team records with my relay teams.  I started swimming year-round and qualified for the Junior Olympics in the 100 backstroke when I was in fourth grade.  I believe that is also the year I did my first IronKids triathlon.

I swam year-round through middle school, high school – qualifying for regional and state competitions, and my first year into college.  I did mostly back and breast with the occasional fly and requisite free.  I got an almost full scholarship to college.  However, after 12 years I was a bit burnt out on the racing aspect of swimming and quit altogether upon transfering to a new school.  In October 2008 after seven years of inactivity and missing the water, I dusted off the goggles and got back into the pool.

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Before high school, my running consisted of chasing every boy willing to run on the playground in elementary school.

In high school I ran track for a year or two (I think I did the 200, 400, and 800) and then spent a season running my butt off on the field hockey field.

I like to run.  I don’t have much training and I haven’t done many races but it feels good.  However, I tend to be rather injury-prone in this area so my mileage increases are done gradually and carefully.



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