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I like and appreciate food, especially healthy food.

I am a very lazy cook.  The last thing I want to do when I get home after a full day of work and, often, a workout, is spend a ton of time prepping and cooking.  However, I strongly believe that you can eat well yet still be lazy. 🙂

I am not a skilled cook.  What I make tastes fine but it’s almost always very simple as I lack the ability and desire to do something more complex.  Therefore, I am always on the lookout for simple, quick, and nutritious recipes.

I like the taste of real food. I prefer most foods in their more natural states and prefer dishes without a great deal of heavy sauces/dressings.

I think eating should be enjoyable, delicious, healthful and full of nutrient-dense foods, and stress-free. I don’t like to count calories.  I might occasionally count to get an idea of where I stand but otherwise I rarely read the calorie part of a nutrition label.  It is easy to get too focused on a number that is not necessarily best for your body.  Rather, pay attention to your body’s signals and how you feel at different weights.

Along the same lines, I only weigh myself a couple of times a month at the gym.  Again, I do it to get an idea of where I stand and make sure I’m not eating too much chocolate.  For my body, a fluctuation of a couple of pounds throughout the month is normal.  As long as I stay within the ballpark of my current weight I feel great.  I have lots of energy and strength and I like how my clothes fit.

Food is fuel.

I almost always eat whatever I want whenever I want.  Most of the time what I seek out is healthy.  I like red meat, turkey, and fish but I usually find myself naturally choosing vegetarian dishes.  As a result, I try to supplement with other protein sources and healthy fats.

Portion control is important.  Eating too much of anything is not healthy.

I don’t believe in feeling guilty or bad for less-than-desirable food choices.  Obviously, junk food should not be all one eats.  However, if most of our choices are healthy, I think it’s important to delight in the occasional unhealthy items without guilt. 🙂 Rather than scolding ourselves with negative words, we should focus on choosing the richest, highest quality, tastiest item we can when we do have a treat. I eat dark chocolate almost every day (bonus: dark chocolate has health benefits!).  As I said, among other things, food should be delicious and enjoyable!

Check out my blogroll for some of my favorite healthy-and-easy-to-make food blogs and links.


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