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My Day In Reverse

Random quote of the day:  “If you guys need to teleport, that’s fine.  Just let me know.”

D and I watched the pilot episode of “Flash Forward.”  I find the main character to be sufficiently cheesy but I like the other actors (especially the woman who plays his wife – hello, Penny from Lost!) and the premise of the show is interesting.  It definitely had a Lost-esque feel, and also brought to mind Journeyman with Kevin McKidd.  I’m looking forward to another episode.

I made chilli for dinner when I got home: lean ground turkey, organic chunky tomato sauce, pine nuts, low sodium chili packet, zucchini, mushrooms, dark red kidney beans, northern beans, garlic, EVOO, and a bit of water.  It was easy and delicious.  We had just enough left over for another meal so I can’t wait for tomorrow’s dinner!

For the first time in a month I went to swim practice tonight.  YAY.  I did not not not want to go (7pm when it’s raining and 50 degrees outside? No thanks!) but once I got about halfway through I decided I was thrilled to be there.  I shared a lane with a nice girl who doesn’t do triathlons but is a friend of one of the tri-ers and decided to tag along today.  She was a self-professed out-of-shape swimmer but her form was very good and natural.  She did fine but is probably pretty fast when her endurance is up to speed, no pun intended.

I don’t think a single person had printed out the workout :), including myself since we don’t have a printer set up yet, and the coach wasn’t there so we winged it.  I think I ended up doing:

250 warm-up

8 x 50 free (with one backstroke thrown in)

4 x 150 – pull 50, kick 50, swim 50

3 x 200 free

50 easy

At this point a bunch of people started forming random relays.  It looked fun.  I watched for a bit and then joined in at the very end.  I practiced a relay start (so fun!) and dove (dived?) off the block for the first time in forever, then sped down and back trying to stay light in the water.

That 50 sprint brought the total to 1950 yards.

It was an easy practice and I appreciated it.  I wasn’t interested in working my ass off tonight.  My goal was simply to propel myself along at my own steady rate and enjoy the feeling of using my muscles in the cool water…

reach and cut through the glass, roll, pull, recover, kick, total silence save for splashes and thoughts,

there’s the wall, pull, exhale bubbles, flip, feet snap and push, streamline, surface, feel your heart in your chest, the water against your forehead, long arms, light and smooth

Swimming feels like such a complete workout (if you use your legs like you’re supposed to; I’m not the most consistent kicker).  I love waking up the next morning and feeling slightly achy in places that don’t normally ache after a run or a typical day at the gym.  I think I’ve said this before but I find the post-swimming high to be the very best exercise high you can get.  I might even go so far as to say that it’s better than a running high and I love running.

I ate a ginger snap LaraBar around 5:30pm to top off my fuel tank for swim practice.

3:15pm: Hmm…I remember packing up a chocolate bar last week.


There it is!

Yum x 3


Around 3 I started craving chocolate.

(no water cooler yet so I needed back-up)100_5067

Around 2 I started craving a Starbucks frosted pumpkin scone.

Focus.  Water.


1:00pm: Lunch was so-so.  I had a conference call to make, so I got slow take-out from the restaurant nearby.


Chinese chicken wrap with veggies and cranberries.  It was a little too saucy and sweet.  I balanced it out with half of the pickle.  I ate all of the fruit.

Work was less lonely today!  Again, there were only three of us but this time one of those people was one of the software developers in the office next to mine.  We get along well and had a meeting together so it felt like a more normal workday.

We moved my filing cabinet this morning so I finally got to unload all of my files.  My office is mostly unpacked now:


It’s not done but for now it’ll do.

Breakfast was a mug of coffee with skim milk, a sprouted grain english muffin with natural apple butter, and 3 Laughing Cow cheese squares.

No workout this morning.  I’m swimming tonight!


Two-And-A-Half Workouts

For dinner last night I made this easy mushroom sauce and it turned out fabulously.

(Her pic, not mine.  I was too hungry to stop for pics!)

Next time I’d add a little less white wine simply because D prefers less but the sauce was delicious.  I served it over whole wheat egg noodles with a side of steamed broccoli.

After dinner, we met some total noobs to go see “Men Who Stare At Goats.”  I think they showed all of the funny parts in the ads.  It did have entertaining tidbits but overall there wasn’t much going on.  However, I did see a preview for “the crazies” beforehand and I can’t wait to see it.  I lovelovelove creepy goosebump movies, especially zombie-esque ones. 😀

Today started out with a 6:15 alarm.  Up and out of bed and into the bathroom (it was less bouncy, more draggy) to change.  I had worn some of my running clothes to bed the night before.  One small banana down the gullet and then I was off to the paved trail.  The run started out pretty full of shivers since it was in the 40’s but I warmed up nicely within the first mile.  My performance t-shirt + long-sleeved shirt + vest + gloves + tights + shorts + running-hat-to-keep-the-heat-in combo was perfect.  I seriously considered doing four miles but I had an early meeting so I capped it at three.  I followed it with some quick stretches and headed home to speed-prep for the day.

It was my first day in my new office.  There were only three of us there so it was very quiet and even a little lonely.  I’m looking forward to later in the week when more people join us.  Despite the uberquiet, my office was really cozy.  I’ll share pics once all of the furniture is in place and my files are in their new home. I think I’m going to like it there.  That is, assuming I ever get used to my desk! Holy crap, I think my kneecap has been smashed to bits.

Lunch was pieced together at the grocery store since we don’t have a fridge in the new place yet.  I was starving and tried to balance my meal out with carbs, protein, veggies, and caffeine.  By the way, this is what happens when I buy new batteries and dust off the old point & shoot versus using my camera phone.  Much better, eh?

lunch 11-9-09 001

A fat free pasta salad with low fat pasta primavera plopped on top…I don’t normally go for fat free labels or even low fat as a lot of those items have fake ingredients in them.  They are not only not great for you, but also don’t taste very good.  However, the selection was fairly limited so I went with it.  I preferred the primavera of the two.  Also, spinach/strawberry/sugared walnut salad with fruit plopped on top.  Add a greek yogurt for protein and some Honest Tea to pick me up.

lunch 11-9-09 004

I left work a little early for my follow-up eye exam.  I am no longer inflamed!  Good stuff.  On the way home, the box of Cokes I had sitting on the front seat (for D’s work – ha, I felt the need to defend it) plus my purse full of bricks next to it set off the passenger seat alarm.  It was annoying at first but then it started hitting to the same beat as my Franz Ferdinand song and I LOL’d.  It’s also a clear message to clean out my purse.

After work I got my tush to the gym to lift for a bit.  Workout #2.  Following that, I felt so bouncy (as true night owls do, we drag in the mornings and bounce in the evenings – that doesn’t sound right) that I ran another mile (workout .5), which made a total of four miles run today.  I haven’t felt this bouncy in a while.  That tells me that I am finally recovering from that long bout of exhaustion.  W00t.  I should be able to get back to my regular workouts now.  Speaking of which, I am down two pounds due to more exercise, better eating, and no monthly bloating.

Got a lot going on right now and I have work to do and emails to answer.  Chop chop!

I like to move it.

Would you believe I’ve spent most of the last 48 hours at the offices?  Offices because I’ve been alternating between old and new.  I wanted to get the meat of the move done early on an open weekend to avoid having to cram it in around office hours and holidays later.   Moving two offices (mine + bossman’s) takes a little longer than moving one, and choosing lamps for both offices takes almost as much time as moving. 🙂

In this order, I bought lamps at: Staples (1), Home Depot (4), Pier 1 (3).  One of the Home Depot lamps won the boss’s office contest. For my office I liked qualities of two of the Pier 1 lamps and ended up walking out post-return with a final lamp that had everything I was looking for.

Outside of that the hours were spent moving boxes and boxes of things from old office to car (thanks for awesomeness, RAV4) and from car through three sets of doors into new office without getting locked out.  I also put a bookshelf together twice.  Building furniture with poorly illustrated instructions past midnight is about 0% smart.

Foodwise, I brought a bunch of snacks since I knew I’d be pretty active for a long period of time without access to food.  I packed two bananas, multi-grain Breton crackers with brie, leftovers of an unsalted mix of seeds, a couple of granola bars, I knew there was a LaraBar in my purse, grapes, pomegranate arils, and my 24 oz. Camelbak.  I went through one banana, the crackers & cheese, the grapes, and two waterbottles’ worth of water.  Moving counts as exercise and I have one thing to say about that – lift from the legs! Squat + lift saved me.

No moving tomorrow! 🙂  I’ll be spending the day with my husband boyfriend.  And doing laundry.  We are so out of whites.  Yesterday I wore embroided penguin socks to work.


We are in the thick of moving.  The moving truck came through two offices on Monday and picked up big ticket items.  The painters finished the walls finally.  It looks pretty decent.  The president of the corporate park we’re moving into came by to check on us and said he was going to bring his wife by to look at the space because he loved it and maybe she’d do their basement like that.

The electricians are cabling, the builders are finishing an additional office in the suite, and I need to finish packing up my desk here in the old office.  My boss  expects several of us to be working out of the new office by Friday/Monday.  That doesn’t give me much time to finish up The Pile Challenge!  Pile 6 is still untouched, but the rest of the piles are pretty much gone save for some filing and action items.

I went to the gym for more weights on Monday followed by an easy three mile run.  This run was a little less sluggish than Sunday’s.  I’m getting there. 🙂  Tonight will be more weights.  I’ll save my next run for tomorrow.  It will probably be around the 3-4 mile range.

Monday’s dinner began with my picking up strawberry-banana smoothies made with skim milk on the way home from the gym.  Then I made egg & veggie sandwiches with 6 eggs (4 whites + 2 whole eggs, so D and I each got ~ 2 whites and a full egg), zucchini, spinach, a failed attempt to utilize some very antiquated mushrooms, a bit of shredded cheddar, and a light dusting of pepper and sea salt – all on toasted sprouted grain bread.  It was yummy and super easy. I’ve never claimed to be much of a cook so that’s how I roll most of the time.

Last night I was out late and feeling the need for junky comfort food so I got Wendy’s for both of us – a spicy chicken sandwich with honey mustard instead of mayo, fries, and a Dr. Pepper.  I ended up tossing most of the Dr. Pepper as it felt too much like I was just drinking syrup water.

I followed that up with lunch at Panera today.  I have been craving salt and bread by the bucket for the last several weeks.   My choices were the veggie soup and smoked turkey sandwich, both loaded with sodium.  The soup was tasty, though.  (Btw, my very favorite item at Panera is the black bean soup.)  I had soup at lunch yesterday, too.  It’s been a salty, soupy week.

I’m not sure what tonight’s dining delight will be but it will definitely need to be light after all of this heavy stuff!

I also need to finally cut the cord with that limp asparagus in the fridge.

Zombies + Shampoo that doesn’t smell like butt

Whenever D knows I’m planning to head to the store, he texts me his list.  Today’s list:

milk, 2 cokes, breakfast shake (offbrand ok), shampoo that hopefully doesn’t smell like butt, candy and cookie stuff for jake, cheese sticks, hummus, pita chips, ?

Paint Update: So the blue = fail. Far too much blue for that space, plus it looked more like a 2 year old Smurf”s room than an IT office.  I switched it to a nice beige that I was actually able to see ON a wall IN person.  It works surprisingly well with our gray carpeting.  Very clean. Fingers crossed once again.  The CEO will grow to like it (that’s what I’m telling myself)?

Have you seen fall looks at Ann Taylor Loft this season?  Yumyumyum.

My Zombie Walking post got a lot of hits today by people doing last minute Halloween Googling on zombies and how to look like them.

I just did my own Google search on zombies and I am dying (lololol, good one, Sam):

(warning: don’t click here if you puke easily. or do. hey, it’s your keyboard.)


Piles 1, 2, 3, and 4 are completely gone! Admittedly, a new pile has materialized from the leftover To Do items from these now-defunct four piles.  Pile 5 has been thinned out.  Pile 6 is untouched.  Moving day is the end of next week or sometime the following week.

Wow.  The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind.  Yesterday at about 4:30pm my boss decided that he wanted our entire new office suite painted instead of sticking with the currently white walls.  He didn’t know exactly what color.  He just wanted it done and wanted it to look good.  And the deadline for deciding on all paint colors for this suite just happened to be 5pm today.  And it was all on my head.

So, after much discussion yesterday and today and  some lost sleep on my part, my coworker and I headed over there earlier today and spent over an hour looking through paint swatches, lighting, carpeting, wall angles, etc.  We finally decided on a lighter steely blue for 95% of the walls and a darker steely blue for several accent walls.  This will hopefully compliment the gray carpets and cubicle walls, the wood toned furniture, and the mixture of artificial and natural light coming through various windows.  I’d like to get a couple of nice plants for the space at some point as well.  I love blues and greens together.  Fingers crossed. Painting starts tomorrow.

Tonight will be my first day back to exercise since my race on Saturday.  I wanted to give my body a chance to truly rest afterward.  It’s been nice but I am looking forward to doing some weights tonight. 🙂

The Pile Challenge

Today is a To Dizzle day:

  • Work on packing up the boss’s office for our company move – mostly done before his meeting & then I did some of mine, too. Yay for empty filing cabinets and bookshelves!
  • Get some docs and emails out the door
  • Pick up company paperwork from the accountant
  • Make appt. for yearly physical…I tried yesterday but the phone wait was too long
  • Submit the parking ticket for which my appeal was denied for reimbursement since it happened during set-up for an event.
  • Rough draft of an article
  • Prep for meeting tomorrow
  • Go to the gym
  • Play softball? My friend wants me to stand in for her. This remains to be decided. I haven’t played since 1993?
  • Cross my fingers that my computer is ready by the end of the day! update:  Per tech guy, it’s deader than dead.  It’s getting a face lift right now but should be ready to go tomorrow.

My company is moving across town starting the first week of November. I will be in the first round of employees to move in. That means I have roughly two weeks left in my current spot.

Now, I am a piler. I make piles. This contract needs to be scanned and filed and I’ve got two phone calls, a bunch of emails to return, and errands to run? Into the pile it goes! In my mind I’ve got better things to do than walk across the office to the scanner, scan it, walk back, wait for it to arrive, create a shared folder in my boss’s computer files for the client, stick the document in there, share the folder with myself, sort the folder in my files, then locate my keys in my purse, unlock the filing cabinet behind me, and file the document. However, that also means that things eventually back up.

I have decided that these piles in my office are not going with me, at least in their current incarnation. Therefore, I am challenging myself to sort through and eliminate every single pile by moving day. As a result, I will be able to start out in my new office with a clean slate and some serious peace of mind.

The Pile Challenge

Behold the piles (ignore their file names, I reordered them).

Pile 1 – Light filing and some docs that need to go out. Out with you! (Not the daisy plant that refuses to flower, you can stay. )

pile 1

Pile 2 – Important docs that require action soon

pile 6

Pile 3 – Filing and tasks without due dates, aka this will never get done unless email and phone go down for a week and my boss ships himself off to an island

pile 3

Pile 4 – Odds and ends, mostly filing

pile 2

Pile 5 – Mostly items to be recycled but I want to go through this to be sure

pile 5

Pile 6 – Mostly filing, scanning, etc.

pile 4