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RoadID & Christmas Tree

Congratulations, Betherann!!  You are now the proud, identifiable-if-you-get-pwnd owner of a RoadID.  Shoot me an email and I’ll get you set up. 😀

Thanks for all of your stories.  I ❤ The Office and young kids who pee everywhere (as long as I’m not on the receiving end)!

I convinced D to get all of our Christmas decorations out of the coffin closet where we keep the dead hookers so I’m off to put up the tree.


Pizza Recovery + RoadID Giveaway

Do fruits + veggies + greek yogurt negate cold pizza?  I am still recovering from last night’s delicious Cookie Swap during and after which I consumed about 12 pounds of sugar.  Being the solidly-if-not-more-than occasional ditz that I can be, I completely forgot to pull out my camera.


As I mentioned a while ago, HS is a RoadID affiliate.  I happily support this product so I am pumped to spread the love.  Enter for yourself or to snag an early Christmas gift for someone active in your life.

Eligibility: Contest open to individuals in the U.S.  There are three ways to enter:

1. Leave a comment telling me about the most hilarious thing you’ve seen in the last week.

2. Mention this contest in your blog and link it back here in a separate comment.

3. Add this blog to your blogroll and link your blog back here in a separate comment.

This giveaway ends on Thursday, 11/19, at 8pm EST.  One winner will be chosen using random.org and contacted via email.

Happy Tuesday!

New Threads + CSA

I’ve been in need of cold-weather running gear so I went to TJ Maxx on Saturday to see what I could find.  I scored four items for less than $45: a pair of tights, two long-sleeved performance shirts for layering, and a cute Adidas women’s running hat.  Apologies for the picture quality.

Seamless, footless tights (I’m pretty sure they’re not exercise-specific but for $6 I’ll give them a shot) and black Avia half-zip layering shirt:

tjmaxx 002

White Jockey Sport half-zip layering shirt and Adidas X-Static running hat:

tjmaxx 004

Sweet!  I will no longer be that improperly-dressed runner.

Check It Out: Balance Is Beauty is giving away a Chocolate & Coffee Lover’s variety pack of Glo Bars!

I’ve been thinking about joining a CSA program – a Community Supported Agriculture program – where individuals pledge money and/or time toward the operation of a farm in return for harvest from the farm. As a result, growers can provide local produce at better prices and focus on earth-friendly production.  Risks and benefits are shared by the growers and consumers.

I need to do a little calculating to make sure this would be financially worthwhile for us but I suspect it will.  It should cut down on my trips to the grocery store (YES! I hate grocery shopping) and thus cut down on spending on extraneous items.  I may also be able to find a friend who will split a half-share with us.  Yum.  That regular box of CSA produce would be like Christmas every week!


That’s how much it costs to get an eye infection.

I’d mentioned last week that my left eye was spectacularly red.  It also burned, looked a tad inflamed, and watered while I slept.  I had my annual contacts/eyeglasses exam yesterday and had the irritated eye checked out while I was there.  Turns out I have some pretty good inflammation in that eye although nothing that some meds and a little TLC can’t fix.

The eye doctor thinks that my eye is failing to make enough oily tears (our eyes produce two types of tears – oily and watery) so it lacks that lubrication.  To compensate, I am over-producing watery tears but in the process making it more difficult for any oily tears I do produce to stick around.  Long story short, my eyes, especially the left one, are dry (probably due to the change in temperatures/seasons) and need some assistance in recovering.

So I was prescribed steroidal eye drops, told to take three fish oil pills a day, and given some non-prescription moisturizing eye drops to supplement.  I’ll go back in two weeks to ensure successful healing and confirm that I’m not having any significant side effects.

Here’s where it gets a little nutty.

After my appointment, I went to the Kroger pharmacy to fill my prescription.  Guess how much these eye drops cost me with insurance….


How much did I save by having insurance?



If I hadn’t been covered by insurance, these eye drops would have cost me $87.39.

$87.39 for this?

eye drops

Apparently, I’m a poor shot because I’ve accidentally wasted 2.5 drops already. 🙂 According to this article, there are approximately 100 drops in this small bottle of prescription eye drops.  That means that each drop costs $.87.  Two-and-a-half wasted drops is $2.18 down the drain.

Add that to the $110 it cost me to see the doctor (some portion of which I will be reimbursed by insurance, thank goodness) and that is a total of almost $200.00 that someone who is not insured would have had to pay out of pocket for an eye exam and to receive treatment for a simple eye infection.  This does not account for the fact that I already owned fish oil pills (another $8-$10) and was given the supplemental moisturizing eye drops (another $5 or so for travel size)  for free.  Note: I’m not sure but I suspect the doctor visit would have cost less if I hadn’t also been there for a contacts/eyeglasses exam.

However, I still can’t get over the fact that somebody, somewhere, made the decision to charge uninsured consumers $87 for this tiny little bottle of seasonal allergy eyedrops.

Check It Out: Tasha over at The Clean Eating Mama is doing another giveaway, this time for a year’s subscription of Eating Well magazine. Awesome!

Almost Raw

Tonight’s dinner was almost completely raw.

tasting plates

Fruit: peach, strawberries, banana; Veggies: zucchini spears, mushrooms, avocado, yellow pepper

Raw but not pictured: glass of red wine

Not pictured and not raw:  hummus for dipping, poached egg on 1/2 sprouted grain english muffin with sea salt, too many spoonfuls of chocolate hazelnut butter for dessert – yum!

Snack after workout (I did end up getting light-headed toward the end of my workout so the LaraBar tasted that much better):

Check It Out: Tasha over at The Clean Eating Mama is giving away 5 coupons for free Stonyfield Oikos Greek Yogurt + a reusable Stonyfield tote bag!

P.S. I’ve created a location for some of my favorite links, which I will update regularly.  Check out the new Resources tab!