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Swim? Swammi? Swenson? Swanson? Samsonite!

I don’t know what it is about a good swim but it never fails to put me in the most excellent mood afterward.  I think I’ve said this before, but there is no better post-workout high to me than a post-swim high.  Maybe it’s the chlorine.

Last night’s workout was a total of about 2700 yards.  Not epic in the grand scheme of things, but enough to get the heart pumping and blood flowing.


400 free

350 choice

Main Set

4×200 free

50 easy choice after each 200

4×150 IM order (50 kick, 50 drill, 50 swim)

100 easy I think?

6×25 sprint (odds choice, evens IM order)

Cool Down

100 plus some drills at the end of the lane

Total: 2700 yards


Exercise Log

Wednesday – 1 hr. swimming (felt so good to be back after over a month off), somewhere between 2,000 and 2,500 yards.  Rather than paying attention I actually spent most of practice socializing.  🙂 One of the girls and I discovered that we used to swim together back in the old days!  She started to introduce herself to me from the lane to my right and I turned and realized it was her.  So fun.  We chatted throughout the rest of practice, through getting changed in the locker room, and out in the parking lot for another 15 minutes.  We both swam on our respective high school teams and summer teams, and then on the same year-round team.  We even competed against each other in the summers.  We made plans to grab coffee soon.  I can’t wait.

Thursday – 30 min. weights followed by 20 min. of running intervals – 1 min. around 5.5, 30 seconds around 7.5.

We got 10-12 inches of snow this weekend so I didn’t leave the house and couldn’t do my cherished weekend run.  I’ll either fit it in sometime this week or skip it and focus on having a good run next weekend.  My 10-miler’s in three weeks so I want to be comfortable with at least 9 straight miles by then.  If I have time tonight I will try to do some yoga.

Next up:  My weekly menu!

Exercise Log

Sunday – Easy 8 mile run in the rain.  It was about 35-40 degrees out and, with my super-posh layered outfit, gloves, ear-warmer band, and cozy socks, I was pretty comfortable.

Monday – 1 hour of yoga at home.  I pulled up to the pool several minutes late and the parking lot was packed.  I did not feel like parking 100 miles away and fighting the crowds so I kept on driving.

Tuesday – 30 min. strength training; 10 min. elliptical (5 min. forward, 5 min. backward) level 6, between 5-6 speed; 10 min. stationary bike on level 7 at 90 rpm’s; 10 min. treadmill intervals.

Lovely Saturday

I’ve had a lovely Saturday so far. 🙂  I slept in a bit and then went downstairs and used my new French press to make two cups of seriously aromatic coffee, sipped while I checked my email, caught up on blogs, ran a load of laundry and dishes, and planned my day.  I made my usual breakfast topped with natural apple butter and Barney Butter almond butter.  From there it was into jeans and a sweatshirt (this is a college town), a whirr of the toothbrush, and out to the farmer’s market.

Because it was chilly and damp outside there weren’t many vendors set up at the market.  However, I did buy six beautiful naval oranges and a couple of heads of fresh broccoli.  Next, I drove to a local health foods store where I finally found farro!  I also bought a pound of French lentils, 1/2 lb. of fresh spinach, and some regular and decaf coarsely ground (did it myself!) fair trade organic coffee.  Then I stopped into a gourmet cooking shop to replace my old spatula with a pretty aqua spoonula and added an inexpensive bamboo spoon to my order for use with my French press (after pouring water over your coffee, you are supposed to gently stir with a plastic or wooden spoon to avoid breaking the glass).

After that it was off to the second health foods store for a red onion, a pound of  walnuts, and a pound of organic arborio rice.  I have a bunch of leftover butternut squash from Thursday night so I’ll either make the same dish again or perhaps a lighter version of this butternut risotto.  Each store was only a couple of miles away from the last but due to my lazy, indulgent browsing the whole trip took about two hours.

By the time I got home I was hungry again and feeling a little low on energy despite having had a banana while I was out.  I had four wholesome cookies and one of the juicy oranges I’d bought earlier.  I still didn’t feel as if I had enough energy for a good, strong run so instead I decided to break out my yoga mat, which I’ve been meaning to do for months!, and flow my way through a YouTube yoga class with Sarah:

It was just what I needed.  In fact, I encouraged D to join me for round two so I ended up doing it twice.  I feel relaxed and more thoughtful now.

I’m off to grab another snack, take a shower, and make cookies for game night.  M&M are bringing dough made from scratch for homemade pizzas and the rest of us are bringing toppings (mine is spinach and possibly some mushrooms 😀 ), drinks, and dessert (cookies!).  Have a relaxing Saturday night!

Exercise Log

This week was a much lighter exercise week than anticipated.  I had planned to head back to the pool this week but it didn’t happen.  Instead, it went like this:

Monday – We had company over so I decided to skip the pool and get some things done at home before our guests arrived.

Tuesday – 30 min. lifting – I did  6 regular unassisted pull-ups toward the end.  I think my personal best is 8?  The most I ever did as a very athletic teenager was 4!  I followed that up with a quick mile on the indoor track.  I wanted to save my legs for a run with a friend the next day.

Wednesday – It was 45 and raining and things at work were too busy to break away so we skipped the run.  I decided to work late that night and skipped swimming.

Thursday – Rain that turned into sheets of ice, company move, worked from home, everything in town shut down early.

Friday – Finally!  Exercise again.  25 min. lifting and 2 miles on the indoor track.

I also had my body fat % measured today.  I do this every few months as a supplement to my occasional weigh-ins at the gym to confirm that everything that feels balanced is balanced.  I expected it to be up a little bit since I haven’t been training as hard as I was the last time I measured and got my lowest % yet (although I am running a lot more than I was then).  However, it was the same at 20.5%.  Interestingly, I was up a pound or two from my weight at the last body fat measurement.

Hopefully the weather cooperates tomorrow because I have grand plans for Mother Nature. 🙂  First the farmer’s market, then some trips around town for a few things, and then a nice solid run before it’s time to bake cookies for game night and put on my face. (Sort of a creepy saying, no?)

G’night and happy weekending!

New Schedule For The New Year

With the new year upon us and a new season of race training, I’ve been pulling the new practice schedules and working on an updated routine for myself for the next couple of months.

For the last few months, my schedule has looked something like this (give or take the swimming depending on facility availability and runs depending on weather):

Monday – lift; short, easy run

Tuesday – swim

Wednesday – lift; moderate run or cross train (cycling or elliptical)

Thursday – moderate run or rest

Friday – lift; cross train

Saturday – rest or long run

Sunday – rest or long run

I had been swimming with the local triathlon club but I think I’m going to go back to my local rec center advanced masters’ practices.  I enjoy the tri club swimming a lot but the facility is hard to get to and the practices consist of almost all distance freestyle.  This is great for triathletes, I realize, but it bores the heck out of me after a while and my first priority above all else is to enjoy what I’m doing.  The advanced masters’ practice is in a less-nice facility and isn’t quite as challenging as the tri club practice but it’s more interesting and easier to get to.

That said, here’s a tentative look at my new schedule for the next couple of months.  I may tweak this in a week or two after I see how it works out initially.

Monday – swim 6:20-7:20

Tuesday – lift & easy short run

Wednesday – swim 6:20-7:20

Thursday – lift & cycling

Friday – moderate run

Saturday – easy long cycle on my bike trainer

Sunday – long run

Since my brain is still focused on running races, I haven’t given a lot of thought yet to triathlons in 2010 despite the fact that I know I want to do at least one Olympic distance tri.  Once the year progresses a bit more I’m sure that will change so stay tuned if you have an interest in triathlon!

Exercise Log

Monday, 1/11 – 30 minutes upper body & abs strength training, 30 minutes cycling on level 7 above 85 rpm’s

Friday, 1/15 – 30 minutes lower body strength training (this must have been pretty hardcore because I am still quite sore on Sunday night!), 20 minutes cycling on level 6 above 85 rpm’s

Saturday, 1/16 – It was gorgeous outside (50*F, no wind) so I went for a run in an effort to ease some of the soreness from Friday.  I ran six miles in about an hour.  I remember when this was a fairly daunting task for me back in September/October.  Success is always a work in progress!

During a conversation with my dad a few weeks ago about my half-marathon plans for April, he suggested that I consider doing a 10-miler in February/March as a dry run and to get me used to racing more than a 10k.  I thought this was a great idea so I’ve kept my eyes out for the perfect race and finally found it this weekend.

My town is hosting a 10-miler in late February just down the street.  The best part?  It starts at 1:00pm.  No waking up in the cold, early morning hours of a brisk February Saturday.  I’ll be able to sleep in and will have plenty of time to replenish my caffeine and glycogen stores before the race.  I’m so excited. 🙂