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New Schedule For The New Year

With the new year upon us and a new season of race training, I’ve been pulling the new practice schedules and working on an updated routine for myself for the next couple of months.

For the last few months, my schedule has looked something like this (give or take the swimming depending on facility availability and runs depending on weather):

Monday – lift; short, easy run

Tuesday – swim

Wednesday – lift; moderate run or cross train (cycling or elliptical)

Thursday – moderate run or rest

Friday – lift; cross train

Saturday – rest or long run

Sunday – rest or long run

I had been swimming with the local triathlon club but I think I’m going to go back to my local rec center advanced masters’ practices.  I enjoy the tri club swimming a lot but the facility is hard to get to and the practices consist of almost all distance freestyle.  This is great for triathletes, I realize, but it bores the heck out of me after a while and my first priority above all else is to enjoy what I’m doing.  The advanced masters’ practice is in a less-nice facility and isn’t quite as challenging as the tri club practice but it’s more interesting and easier to get to.

That said, here’s a tentative look at my new schedule for the next couple of months.  I may tweak this in a week or two after I see how it works out initially.

Monday – swim 6:20-7:20

Tuesday – lift & easy short run

Wednesday – swim 6:20-7:20

Thursday – lift & cycling

Friday – moderate run

Saturday – easy long cycle on my bike trainer

Sunday – long run

Since my brain is still focused on running races, I haven’t given a lot of thought yet to triathlons in 2010 despite the fact that I know I want to do at least one Olympic distance tri.  Once the year progresses a bit more I’m sure that will change so stay tuned if you have an interest in triathlon!



Gotta say, today was a hard day to be trying to eat healthfully.  My coworker brought me Starbucks, although I just got a nonfat misto so I did the best I could there.  I had a business lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, but stuck with water, a light side, and ate the innards out of my delicious tuna burrito.  I had the Snickers bar from D that of course I had to eat!  And after work we had a welcome-new-employee get-together, which involved obscene amounts of fattening appetizers, a free round of drinks, and good company.  I sampled most of the apps., went a little overboard on the cheese fries, nixed the alcohol and stuck with ginger ale.  After an hour I made myself leave to hit the gym for some weights work.  Later I was glad I did but it was def. hard to do at the time.

30 min. weights – everything felt good for the most part although the arch was a little sore (hopefully will clear up with new shoes) and my lower back around the sacroiliac joints was sore.  I think I’m mostly but not fully healed from that irritation of a few weeks ago.  As soon as these races are over I’m going to do some serious rest to get back to 100%.  Speaking of which, I’m taking a break from weights until next Wed.

45 min. ride with Grant staying mostly in zones 1 & 2.  Had a hard time getting my heart rate up without really working it, but my goal was to stay aerobic, stretch things out, and just enjoy getting the blood pumping while rekindling my relationship with my bike.

Doing some laundry tonight in preparation for this weekend’s trip to my race.

Tomorrow’s plans

No exercise, or if I must, just a ride on the trainer

More laundry

Grocery store to stock up on goodies for me and food for D while I’m gone

Pack all of my sports gear for the race

Get out my weekender bag and preliminarily throw a few things into it to set my mind at ease

Get gas

Relax with D

The weather is supposed to be perfect for racing this weekend!


I’m finally feeling better.  Yay!  Still tired but not completely fried.

Saturday’s wedding went well and was the perfect way to end my wedding season (my partner still has some to do in her area but I’m done).  I was there about 9.5 hours and spent almost all of it on my feet running around so it was a pretty active day.   A couple of lovely photos:

(Photos: Magnifico Photography)

Sunday – The walk was a success and ran so smoothly!  I worked behind the scenes to make sure people got checked in and helped clean up afterward.  Got a bit of a burn and was on my feet for about two of the four hours.  I crashed hard on the couch when I got home.

Monday – 30 min. lifting, 3 mile run.

Tuesday – I’ve been having issues with my right arch that have been getting progressively worse over the last few weeks.  It was most noticeable after last night’s run.  I think my shoes are the culprit.  They’re a little old anyway so I went to the running store over lunch today.  After they again watched me run, but this time with a freeze-frame camera, we determined I needed more arch support than what my current shoes provide.  So, much to the dismay of my wallet but to the absolute delight of my feet, I ordered these:

Hopefully they will do the trick.  The triathlon club discount helped.

Today I went to swim practice.  Yay!  The two drawbacks to swim training for triathlons are that you do ALL FREESTYLE and mostly distance.  Those are my two least favorite things to do in practice.  I have always preferred workouts with a wide variety of strokes, distances, sets, speeds, etc.  Keep things interesting, people!  I was less concerned about speed and more focused on enjoying the process and getting the laps done so I mixed things up a little since I had the lane to myself.


200 swim

2 * 150 kick/drill/swim – backstroke instead of free

4 * 50, descend 1-4

Main Set

2 * 400 (I did 350 of the second one)

3 * 200

4 * 100 (these were supposed to be 200’s but we got bored with 200’s and chopped them up…I did some backstroke and took a 50 breather…this is what I get for not having swum in two weeks, tsk tsk.)


200 back/breast/free/floating whatever

Total:  2,600 yards

I think tomorrow will be 30 min. lifting plus a nice, sweaty workout with Grant.  Can’t wait!

Four days until I hit the road for my last tri of the year (and second adult one ever).  Yikes!  Actually, it hasn’t hit me yet.  I think it probably will tomorrow when I start thinking about laundry to do before I go.  At least I have a free place to stay thanks to a sweet friend from college.

D brought home a Snickers bar for me tonight after I expressed crazy desire for one yesterday.  What a nice buddy!  Saving it for my 2pm chocolate craving tomorrow.

Thanks, Google.

Progress Report

I almost wrote TPS Report.

So…..yeah. This week has not turned out the way I’d hoped. The simple fact is that I have been e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d. Normally I am humming with energy, even on tired days, and always look forward to a good workout. This week I have barely been able to get through the day *without* exercise. Attempting exercise just deepens the hole of fatigue.

As a result, I have taken a great deal of rest this week in the hopes that, by doing so now, I would be raring to go on race day (next weekend). I’m still hoping that will be the case.

I feel like I’m back in school and dreading taking a test I haven’t prepared for. I’m just trying to have faith that the training I’ve done up to this point will get me through the distance and that speed will happen via race day adrenaline and pure gritty will (An elite amateur triathlete whose blog I like to follow said you have to be sort of gritty to cross the finish line of a triathlon.).

We’ll see.

In the meantime, here’s how this week has shaped up:

Tuesday – I didn’t go to swim practice either. Nope, no exercise. It was a busy day and by the time I got home it was all I could do to collapse on the couch. D was lucky to get dinner.

Wednesday – 30 min. weights, 2 mile slow run. I got through the weights pretty well, although a bit more slowly than usual. The run was pretty torturous in that I simply didn’t have the drive to put one foot in front of the other for two whole miles. I did eventually get through them.

Thursday – No exercise. Very long, very busy day after which I again just wanted to collapse.

Friday – Finally woke up feeling more like my normally upbeat self. Got through the day well enough. Planned to try out my new trainer tonight so I skipped weights to give my joints a break. However, it’s late and I’m worn to the bone. Grant is set up; I’ll try to take him for a spin tomorrow morning before the wedding. At least my legs don’t ache anymore – that is the one good thing about all of this rest!

Saturday – Tomorrow is another wedding. It’s the last one of the year so let’s take it out with a bang (in the form of sparklers)!

Sunday – JDRF’s Walk To Cure Diabetes. This is my second year working behind the scenes and I love it.

Ladies & Gentlemen…

The trainer has arrived. After several failed attempts on Craigslist and an almost-fail on this one (fortunately at the last minute she found the missing parts!), my trainer has been picked up by a coworker, driven 1.5 hours to my office, and delivered to me. Oh, sweet, sweet victory. And sweet coworker. I offered him lunch for his troubles; he accepted a latte.

Without further ado, meet Grant Grant, after the meat-hungry alien slug monster in the classic 2006 documentary, Slither, with Nathan Fillion as Bill Pardy:

His name comes from the fact that the mat I bought to put him on is called a MonsterMat. You have to have a monster to put on a monster mat, right?

Grant is a 2007 Kurt Kinetic Rock ‘n Roll trainer. He also came with his own riser ring and Spinervals DVD. Thank you, Craigslist, and thank you, woman who moved into an apartment and no longer had room to ride her trainer and decided to sell it for a very, very reasonable price. Yeah, it’s only a week out from my race, but what can ya do.

Today after work I will clear out my dining room table and give Grant an opportunity to show me what he’s made of. Okay, not really. He will probably kick my ass in like 10 minutes. And turn me into a zombie.