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Exercise Log

This week was a much lighter exercise week than anticipated.  I had planned to head back to the pool this week but it didn’t happen.  Instead, it went like this:

Monday – We had company over so I decided to skip the pool and get some things done at home before our guests arrived.

Tuesday – 30 min. lifting – I did  6 regular unassisted pull-ups toward the end.  I think my personal best is 8?  The most I ever did as a very athletic teenager was 4!  I followed that up with a quick mile on the indoor track.  I wanted to save my legs for a run with a friend the next day.

Wednesday – It was 45 and raining and things at work were too busy to break away so we skipped the run.  I decided to work late that night and skipped swimming.

Thursday – Rain that turned into sheets of ice, company move, worked from home, everything in town shut down early.

Friday – Finally!  Exercise again.  25 min. lifting and 2 miles on the indoor track.

I also had my body fat % measured today.  I do this every few months as a supplement to my occasional weigh-ins at the gym to confirm that everything that feels balanced is balanced.  I expected it to be up a little bit since I haven’t been training as hard as I was the last time I measured and got my lowest % yet (although I am running a lot more than I was then).  However, it was the same at 20.5%.  Interestingly, I was up a pound or two from my weight at the last body fat measurement.

Hopefully the weather cooperates tomorrow because I have grand plans for Mother Nature. 🙂  First the farmer’s market, then some trips around town for a few things, and then a nice solid run before it’s time to bake cookies for game night and put on my face. (Sort of a creepy saying, no?)

G’night and happy weekending!


2 Responses

  1. You are a rockstar! Have a great weekend!

  2. You are a rockstar! Have a great weekend!
    Sorry, should have added solid post! Waiting on your next one!

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