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A Healthy Lifestyle Should Be

A healthy lifestyle should be:

  • fun
  • an enjoyable challenge
  • yet also realistic and reachable
  • a catalyst for growth
  • a journey
  • fulfilling
  • available to everyone
  • joyous and without judgement
  • delicious
  • maintainable
  • guided but not restricted
  • desired

A healthy lifestyle should not be:

  • gruelling
  • embarrassing
  • high-stress/high-pressure
  • a sole source of self-worth
  • an item to check off the list
  • an elite, hardcore club
  • boring
  • an excuse to look down on others
  • difficult
  • forced
  • bland
  • limited

Have fun with it. 🙂  Happy health!


2 Responses

  1. I 100% agree.
    Very well written – simple, to the point but very effective!
    So, are you still planning on coming to Seattle?

  2. Thank you! Yes, probably around late July/early August. Run, food, both?

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