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Eat Your Vegetables

Whew.  A relatively busy week combined with getting back into my work routine after almost two weeks off has left me tired and with a quiet blog this week.

I did work behind the scenes for a few minutes here and there.  I added a Recipes tab up at the top and changed my header as I’m still in all-out peppermint mode. 🙂 I bought light peppermint ice cream at the store last weekend and have eaten more ice cream this week than I have in the last year.  It’s all Tasha’s fault. 🙂  It’s certainly not nutritious but it is delicious and I think it’s important to enjoy junk food guilt-free sometimes.

I have a Hamburger ‘N’ Beans recipe to share as well as a meal plan tonight and a post later on how I was able to recover from months-long knee problem to run several races this fall.

(Image from Cooking Light)


D and I have decided to purchase a share in a local Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA).  It is actually the largest CSA program in this area.  I mentioned a couple of months ago that we were looking into joining a CSA but had yet to run the numbers.

Based on my calculations this week, participating in the CSA will not only save us a little bit of money each month, but we will also know that the produce was locally, organically, and lovingly grown.  We will know that while we are enjoying incredibly fresh, nutritious produce we are also supporting local agriculture.

In addition, it should reduce our need to grocery shop, which will reduce the liklihood of my buying unnecessary extras that add up over time.  Finally, it will challenge me to create meals with ingredients I’m not used to using – bok choy, beets, eggplant.  This should be interesting. 🙂

I plan to photograph my CSA box of produce each week to give you an idea of what I’m getting, how much, and the variety and condition of the fruits and vegetables.

We are actually splitting a half share of the veggie CSA with our friends to cut down on costs.  A half share normally produces about 197 pounds of 30+ types of vegetables over a 32-week growing season (mid-May to mid-December), depending on weather and other factors.  We receive deliveries for 29 of those weeks.  That’s an average of almost 7 pounds of veggies per week, so almost 3.5 pounds per couple.  That may not seem like a lot, but keep in mind that this includes some very voluminous things like spinach and various lettuces.  Plus, we are adding a fruit CSA onto that!

This particular fruit CSA is sold in full shares only.  Each couple will receive a half share for 17-18 weeks (late-May to mid-September).  Each week’s bounty will be 4-8 lbs. of various combinations of 10+ fruits, not including varieties of each fruit (i.e., different types of apples).  That’s 2-4 lbs. per couple.

Therefore, we expect to receive 5-7 pounds of produce each week from late May to mid-September and 3-3.5 pounds of produce from mid-September to mid-December.

Broken down, the monthly cost of this is a little bit lower than what we pay now for produce at the grocery store, some of which is organic (who knows if it was locally grown) and some of which is not.

Stay tuned for details on our experiences with this CSA and Sam’s Adventures in Cooking Weird Vegetables!


As with the rest of the country, it has been extremely cold here lately.  On Friday it was 16*F and felt like 2*F.  As a result, I have not run outside in over a week.  The cold winds and icy ground with frozen-over snow that doesn’t melt make for miserable, unsafe running.  I have managed to maintain my strength-training indoors, however:

Monday – 30 minutes strength-training, 3 miles run on indoor track

Wednesday – 30 minutes strength-training…I didn’t stick around for cardio because we had a movie date with some friends to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox.  It was adorable and very entertaining.  I highly recommend it!

Friday – 30 minutes weights, 10 min. elliptical, level 7, 5-6 speed, 1 mile of treadmill intervals, 2 miles easy run on the indoor track

Sunday – I’m about to head out for what I hope to be a 5-6 mile run.  I just need the wind to cooperate and the ground to be relatively dry!


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