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Kitchen Reorganization

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’d spent an entire Sunday reorganizing my kitchen.  I thought I’d share pictures now that I’ve had some time to sit down and finish getting all of those pics resized and uploaded.  My apologies for the lack of before shots.  Just imagine your average mess combined with some poorly-utilized cabinets and you’ll be up to speed. 🙂  I had to use my flash in a lot of these since the cabinets are dark and my kitchen has terrible lighting.

Kitchen – Tidy me up, baby!

Lid rack used to organize my cake pans.  Plastic bag holder attached to the door, although it doesn’t see much action since I use cloth grocery bags in most stores.

Coffee/tea cabinet.  Filters & organic coffees on the bottom shelf, tea in the middle.

Random container cabinet.  Shaker bottles & lids for protein powder on the top shelf; plastic containers that are not used for heating or chilling food & their lids on the middle shelf; mugs and D’s cups on the bottom.

This spice rack sits in my baking cabinet (not shown because it’s hard to get a good pic).  It is organized from front to back by frequency of use.

My lazy susan cupboard for breakfast items/granolas and large pots.  Why three oats containers?  Two are old-fashioned (one is running out) and one is quick prep.

My pantry.  Looks so bare, doesn’t it?  This is what survived the pantry apocalypse.

I am okay with a couple of tidy groups of items on the counters. (The clay pot and trivet on the shelf to the right were made by D’s grandmother when she was young.)

The “landing station” in the kitchen for the current grocery list, cards to go out, etc.  Also a stack of magazines & catalogs that I need to read and recycle.

This weekend I also tidied up the fridge and freezer, although I only have pics of the freezer right now.

Veggie burgers and frozen meals that I keep on hand for D if I work late or don’t feel like cooking.  And bison!

Veggie drawer

This is what happens to bananas who don’t behave.

Ice pack shelf because icing cures all ailments except raging chocoholism.

Note to self: swap ice packs and top bananas.

It feels great to have that done! Next up: master closet.  I am so excited.


4 Responses

  1. Your cabinets look great…and it reminds me to buy some lid organizer thingies!

  2. Thanks, Christy. 🙂

  3. I hate cleaning and organizing but I love it when it’s done!

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