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So today we went from zero to this in 40 minutes:

To this an hour and a half later:

This was taken at about 4pm.  We’re supposed to continue getting snow accompanied by gusts of wind of up to 30 mph off and on until Sunday.  Total snow accumulation is estimated at 14-20 inches.

For SW VA that is completely ridiculous.  Actually, for anywhere in VA that is pretty darn ridiculous.

Everything in town except the grocery stores and post office were shut down by 3pm (an hour after it had started).  Cars carrying early-work-/school-/errands-departers lined the roads to get home (s-l-o-w-l-y) before the worst hit.  I inched my way over to the grocery store to pick up a few items since I knew we’d be stuck inside this weekend.

When I returned to my car it was covered in snow so I scraped it down.  Please note that I live about three miles away from the grocery store.  Approximately one mile into my trip home my back windshield wiper stopped working entirely. It simply couldn’t withstand the pressure of the incredibly wet, heavy snow.  My front wipers were on the verge of icing over when I pulled into the driveway.  They probably would’ve frozen up completely had I been in the car for another 10 minutes.

It is not only snowing ridiculous amounts.  It is also cold as frack.

When temperatures drop and my inability to regulate my own body temperature increases, I drink a lot of coffee.  Like even more than normal.  Right now I’m averaging 2-3 cups a day, some full caf, some decaf.

Because coffee and I are such close buds right now, I purchased several accessories for it to don during our most intimate sipping moments.  D and I had a taste test last weekend to determine exactly how much money I had wasted at the store.  I removed the containers before the test so that he was not influenced by their colorful, sexy labels.

Our scientific results:

  • Gingerbread Coffee Mate
    • D: “This tastes sort of like gingerbread. I don’t like gingerbread.”
    • Sam: “This tastes like sugary syrup.”
  • Peppermint Mocha Coffee Mate
    • D: “Ew.”
    • Sam: “OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU”
  • Pumpkin Coffee Mate
    • D: “This tastes sort of like cinnamon.  Or Captain Crunch cereal. Yum.”
    • Sam: “Hmm.  A tolerable substitute for the Peppermint.”

4 Responses

  1. I love peppermint coffee! I bought peppermint cocoa and use that in my coffee =)

  2. I bought one of those, the pumpkin spice, but it tasted chemically to me. I may try the peppermint one. certainly cheaper than starbucks.

    *check out my raw revolution bar giveaway -over tomorrow*

  3. I sooo need to try some of these so I can end my Starbucks skinny vanilla latte addiction and save some money! 🙂

  4. Peppermint cocoa + coffee, what a great idea!

    Christy, it really works. That’s the reason I started doing this and my Starbucks spending has decreased noticeably. I mentioned in another post that I’ve had the best luck with a milk + CM combo. The CM alone was too sweet for me. I’m sweet enough! <– a la Brick Top in Snatch

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