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“Here, you want to drive?”

Toddlers confound me.  I mean, I like them.  I just never know what to say to them.  They’re not, to use my sister’s term, little sacks of baby goo anymore.  They no longer require the manual placement of food into their mouths to survive. They’re tiny, functioning human beings with real bones and real feet that propel them surprisingly accurately into the waiter’s path at dinner.  They even understand stuff.

What the heck do you say to the cute little playdough-eater ripping stickers and handing you Stegosaurus tails as a tableful of women watch and wait expectantly to hear something uttered to this child that is charming, endearing, relevant, or all of the above? I find myself tongue-tied a lot.

So when some girlfriends and I were leaving dinner tonight and my friend’s two year-old daughter ran over to my car rather than to her mother’s and stood, waiting, I held out my keys and said the first words that popped into my head.

“Here, you want to drive?”


2 Responses

  1. I felt the same way before I had my own child. I actually thought I hated children – I just felt so uncomfortable around them! But now that I have J it’s a totally different story. Although I still tend to runt he other way when I see strange children… 😉

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