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Some things, like pants, are overrated. Brains are not.

Things to do while waiting for a tardy friend to come over and watch Dexter:

Wash every pair of pants you own.

Hang off fences like this with your shirt pushed up just enough so that, rather than associating you with 11 different STD’s, passers-by proclaim you a natural beauty and remark that you belong in a Colbie Caillet video after you put some pants on.  Or not.  I suppose it could go either way.:

Get your brains stolen by several very friendly young men, one of whom is holding a knife and seems to enjoy baking:

Curl up and dye:

And then when you’re done and M, pictured above, is finished dyeing you can issue him 5,000 apologies and your future first and second born children for misinterpreting his text to mean that he was coming over to watch serial killers take over Miami with you and D rather than spending his valuable free time taking a presumably very nice but very unsuspecting young woman out on a first date where she can’t understand why her date keeps receiving escalatingly threatening texts from some androgynously-named jerkface.

I’m so embarrassed.  I really need my brains back.  And my pants.


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