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Thanksgiving 5K Race Report

I did our local 5K on Thanksgiving morning with 7,500 other people and their dogs.  It was a perfect morning for running – chilly but not unbearably so, clear, and calm.  The course was reasonably flat with mostly small hills.  Running through the quiet, peaceful downtown felt like running through a movie set. 😀  Or through residential Venice.  The only people along the 5K route were runners and their families & friends.

I arrived with about 20 minutes to go before the start.  I walked around to keep myself warm and saw this guy:

Yes, those are ties.

Once the clock hit 9am, they fired the gun and off we went.  Shuffle…shuffle…run!

It took a few minutes to get past owners with excited dogs who wanted to run criss-cross down the street and wrap themselves around light poles (true story).  Finally I was on my way, albeit a bit fast.  Around .6 miles I started to feel it.  Yikes!  My watch showed a 7:25/mile whereas my goal was to stay within an 8:10-8:30/mile.  I slowed down.

Suddenly, at mile 1.2, my ankle rolled.  No reason.  The ground was completely smooth.  I didn’t trip.  Maybe the muscles around my ankle were tired and simply failed?  It was a full-out, ew-I-think-I-felt-things-crunch ankle roll that left me seriously limping and wondering if I’d just broken something.  I pulled out of the crowd and over to the side to assess the damage.  Walk-limp, walk-limp, walk-limp.  I realized I was freaked out and in shock so I got a grip and told myself that I was okay.  Nothing’s broken.  I might not have to pull out of the race.  Can I walk on it?  Hmm…yes.  Okay, good.  Can I jog on it?  Yes.  Can I run?  Let’s try.  Yes, I can.  Okay, cool.  Go.

I got back into the mix and eventually revved back up to about a 7:50-8:00 pace for the rest of that second mile.

We hit a few small hills and one steep hill during the third mile.  Plod, plod up the hill. I took advantage of any downhills and was careful NOT to roll my ankle again!

The finish line was at the end of a straight-away so as soon as I saw it I locked my eyes on it.  Focus – you’re almost there.  Keep up your speed.  During the last .2 miles I continued to pick up my pace and sprinted in.

I actually remembered to stop my Garmin this time (first time ever in a race!) and was so pleased with the results.  I had beat my PR.  By a minute and a half.

Official chip time: 25:24.

W00ttttttt.  I killed my holy crap goal.

Final stats

554/2375 Total
(not sure why this total's not closer to 7500?)
24/161 Age Group
128/1155 Females
25:24 Chip time
25:42 Gun time

My ankle was very sore and swollen for the rest of the day and felt really “off” the next day.  It’s a bit better today although not fully healed.  I will probably be off running for at least another 2-3 days.  I have a 5K that I’m doing with friends as a part of a team in two weeks but don’t expect to beat this new PR since I will probably have a newly-healed ankle.

My half marathon running plan is supposed to start on Monday although I will obviously be delaying it.

Yesterday a couple of my girlfriends invited me to join them on their road trip in April to do the Nashville Half Marathon.  I may do that instead of the Shamrock half, which would allow me to push off my training for a few weeks.  I hear this trip is a total blast so I’m leaning toward it. 🙂

Happy post-Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday.


2 Responses

  1. Way to go on the PR! The Nashville 1/2 sounds like fun and you can’t beat a road trip with girlfriends..I did one trip last year and one this year for a 1/2 and had a total blast!

  2. Thanks, Christy. 🙂

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