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Pizza Recovery + RoadID Giveaway

Do fruits + veggies + greek yogurt negate cold pizza?  I am still recovering from last night’s delicious Cookie Swap during and after which I consumed about 12 pounds of sugar.  Being the solidly-if-not-more-than occasional ditz that I can be, I completely forgot to pull out my camera.


As I mentioned a while ago, HS is a RoadID affiliate.  I happily support this product so I am pumped to spread the love.  Enter for yourself or to snag an early Christmas gift for someone active in your life.

Eligibility: Contest open to individuals in the U.S.  There are three ways to enter:

1. Leave a comment telling me about the most hilarious thing you’ve seen in the last week.

2. Mention this contest in your blog and link it back here in a separate comment.

3. Add this blog to your blogroll and link your blog back here in a separate comment.

This giveaway ends on Thursday, 11/19, at 8pm EST.  One winner will be chosen using random.org and contacted via email.

Happy Tuesday!


15 Responses

  1. hmmm… most hilarious thing this week. Failblog always makes me laugh:


  2. A girl at the gym was being all super serious with her work out and when she went to grab a paper towel to wipe down her machine she just grabbed and walked. She didn’t realize that she had pulled half the roll with her. If it had been me, I would have been totally laughing AT myself. And see who else was laughing with me. Quite funny, though it didn’t look as though she saw the humor in it. Heehee

  3. Added you to my blog list! Here’s mine:

  4. Funniest thing so far has got to be the way hubby was dressed when he went to class the other night. Camo shorts, Black socks, Black convers sneakers, white t-shirt, with his Red “Bama” hoodie. LOL I was dying laughing at him when he walked out of the bedroom dressed like that. And he had no idea WHY I was laughing.. I asked him if he had looked at himself in the mirror, he said he had. Then I asked if he thought he looked decent, he said “yep” and left to go to class… I can only imagine what his classmates were thinking.

    🙂 J.

  5. Hmmm…funniest thing…I took my son and his friend (both 3) to the playground down the street. There were a lot of people there because it was a beautiful day. My son’s friend suddenly dropped his pants and started peeing right in the middle of everyone. He was peeing before I could react to stop him. So I just waited until he was done and then just tried to cover the wet spot with extra mulch and leaves. When I asked him why he didn’t ask me to take him to the bathroom, he said “I see dogs pee outside all the time. It’s because they don’t want to have to go home to pee.”

  6. I’d love a Road ID!

    Funniest thing in the last week… definitely something I saw either on Failblog, It Made My Day, or I Can Has Cheeseburger. I have all three websites feeding my RSS reader so I can smile a few times each day.

  7. Yay for RoadIDs!

    Funny things include…

    …my tiny chihuahua flinging himself at the faces of my two [much larger] dogs in a happy dance of joy

    …at Petsmart dog training class, watching one dog decide that another dog’s tail was a toy and commence nibbling on it

    That’s all I can recall! Apparently I’ve got pups on the brain… 😀

  8. I would love to win a RoadID! Funnies thing….well I’ve just recently been getting into The Office, so I just watched the episode where Ryan the temp sets the office on fire, LOL!

  9. Let’s see…
    My new coworker was freaked out this morning because the other ladies in the office were at eachother’s throats. I told her to let them be and they’ll get over it. Later in the day she came up to me and said that she couldn’t believe that they were all laughing and talking now. That’s just how they are. One of the managers wanted me to intervene and I told him that they don’t pay me enough to get in the middle of that!

  10. Funniest thing I’ve seen all week? A re-run of the Office last night where they get a new HR chick and she thinks Kevin is mentally retarted (because Dwight told her that Kevin was). Maybe this sound mean, but this episode was SO, SO, SO funny!

  11. Yay Road ID!

    Funniest thing all week…probably this commercial on TV. It’s a local place, and this commercial is full of double entendres and inappropriateness.

  12. Ooh, I would love a Road ID!

    The funniest thing I saw last week was one of my cats falling off their cat “tree.” He landed on his feet, of course. 🙂

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