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Cookie Monster

No exercise this weekend as I’ve been busy just trying to get through my To Do list before tomorrow.  It will be a day chock full of meetings followed by the delicious Cookie Swap!, plus a run in the morning if I can extract myself from my toasty bed.

Saturday I woke up and worked a bit to prepare for one of my meetings.  Early in the afternoon I headed over to the local Farmer’s Market before it shut down for the day.

11-15-09 001

I picked up farm fresh eggs (you’ll notice one is missing; I accidentally switched cartons and put my store-bought eggs in this picture, one of which I had already used. 🙂  ), an acorn squash, two tiny onions for cooking, a gorgeous apple, organic Wholesome Cookies from Sweet Water Baking Co., and a loaf of bread also by SWBC.  I can’t remember what the guy called the bread but it is an Italian sourdough.  So soft on the inside (where the meat is).  D wasn’t a fan of the Wholesome Cookies but I think they are delicious.  The ingredients include almonds, flax seeds, arrowroot, honey, oats, barley, and millet.  The texture is phenomenal.

Afterward, I stopped by the local organic whole foods shop to listen to a very enthusiastic man recount his clubbing experiences and buy an organic butternut squash and nutty trail mix.  I like trail mixes that are heavy on the nuts and seeds, preferably un- or very lightly salted, and light on the fruits.  I picked out most of the 2,000 raisins today.

Later in the afternoon D and I watched Ghost Town, which was completely adorable.  It was not only funny, sweet, and interesting but also highly visually pleasing in terms of decor and wardrobe. I am determined to recreate the outfit Gwen wore at the end (not pictured: dark straight-leg jeans)!


After the movie I unexpectedly spent several hours glued to this and could. not. stay. away. from the Wholesome cookies.

For dinner, I made spinach fettuccine with organic pasta sauce reheated on the stove with fresh onion, garlic, and EVOO, slices of toasted, buttered Sweet Water bread, and grapes.  I spent the rest of the night finishing up work for Monday.  It was amazing.

I finally! caught up on sleep today and then D and I watched two more episodes of Flash Forward, which is getting scarily addictive.  Love Olivia.  Afterward, I hit the road to find a Christmas ornament for the Cookie Swap and collect last minute groceries.  Then it was back home to make cookies!

11-15-09 003

11-15-09 005

Being the n00bish cook that I am, I made the common, but yummy, chocolate chip cookie. 🙂  I had hoped to try out a pumpkin cookie recipe before the swap but I ran out of time so I figured I’d follow my race advice (race the way you train with nothing new on race day) and bake what I knew.

Now I’m off to finish cleaning up the kitchen and prep for tomorrow. Gnight. 😀


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