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My Day In Reverse

Random quote of the day:  “If you guys need to teleport, that’s fine.  Just let me know.”

D and I watched the pilot episode of “Flash Forward.”  I find the main character to be sufficiently cheesy but I like the other actors (especially the woman who plays his wife – hello, Penny from Lost!) and the premise of the show is interesting.  It definitely had a Lost-esque feel, and also brought to mind Journeyman with Kevin McKidd.  I’m looking forward to another episode.

I made chilli for dinner when I got home: lean ground turkey, organic chunky tomato sauce, pine nuts, low sodium chili packet, zucchini, mushrooms, dark red kidney beans, northern beans, garlic, EVOO, and a bit of water.  It was easy and delicious.  We had just enough left over for another meal so I can’t wait for tomorrow’s dinner!

For the first time in a month I went to swim practice tonight.  YAY.  I did not not not want to go (7pm when it’s raining and 50 degrees outside? No thanks!) but once I got about halfway through I decided I was thrilled to be there.  I shared a lane with a nice girl who doesn’t do triathlons but is a friend of one of the tri-ers and decided to tag along today.  She was a self-professed out-of-shape swimmer but her form was very good and natural.  She did fine but is probably pretty fast when her endurance is up to speed, no pun intended.

I don’t think a single person had printed out the workout :), including myself since we don’t have a printer set up yet, and the coach wasn’t there so we winged it.  I think I ended up doing:

250 warm-up

8 x 50 free (with one backstroke thrown in)

4 x 150 – pull 50, kick 50, swim 50

3 x 200 free

50 easy

At this point a bunch of people started forming random relays.  It looked fun.  I watched for a bit and then joined in at the very end.  I practiced a relay start (so fun!) and dove (dived?) off the block for the first time in forever, then sped down and back trying to stay light in the water.

That 50 sprint brought the total to 1950 yards.

It was an easy practice and I appreciated it.  I wasn’t interested in working my ass off tonight.  My goal was simply to propel myself along at my own steady rate and enjoy the feeling of using my muscles in the cool water…

reach and cut through the glass, roll, pull, recover, kick, total silence save for splashes and thoughts,

there’s the wall, pull, exhale bubbles, flip, feet snap and push, streamline, surface, feel your heart in your chest, the water against your forehead, long arms, light and smooth

Swimming feels like such a complete workout (if you use your legs like you’re supposed to; I’m not the most consistent kicker).  I love waking up the next morning and feeling slightly achy in places that don’t normally ache after a run or a typical day at the gym.  I think I’ve said this before but I find the post-swimming high to be the very best exercise high you can get.  I might even go so far as to say that it’s better than a running high and I love running.

I ate a ginger snap LaraBar around 5:30pm to top off my fuel tank for swim practice.

3:15pm: Hmm…I remember packing up a chocolate bar last week.


There it is!

Yum x 3


Around 3 I started craving chocolate.

(no water cooler yet so I needed back-up)100_5067

Around 2 I started craving a Starbucks frosted pumpkin scone.

Focus.  Water.


1:00pm: Lunch was so-so.  I had a conference call to make, so I got slow take-out from the restaurant nearby.


Chinese chicken wrap with veggies and cranberries.  It was a little too saucy and sweet.  I balanced it out with half of the pickle.  I ate all of the fruit.

Work was less lonely today!  Again, there were only three of us but this time one of those people was one of the software developers in the office next to mine.  We get along well and had a meeting together so it felt like a more normal workday.

We moved my filing cabinet this morning so I finally got to unload all of my files.  My office is mostly unpacked now:


It’s not done but for now it’ll do.

Breakfast was a mug of coffee with skim milk, a sprouted grain english muffin with natural apple butter, and 3 Laughing Cow cheese squares.

No workout this morning.  I’m swimming tonight!


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