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I like to move it.

Would you believe I’ve spent most of the last 48 hours at the offices?  Offices because I’ve been alternating between old and new.  I wanted to get the meat of the move done early on an open weekend to avoid having to cram it in around office hours and holidays later.   Moving two offices (mine + bossman’s) takes a little longer than moving one, and choosing lamps for both offices takes almost as much time as moving. 🙂

In this order, I bought lamps at: Staples (1), Home Depot (4), Pier 1 (3).  One of the Home Depot lamps won the boss’s office contest. For my office I liked qualities of two of the Pier 1 lamps and ended up walking out post-return with a final lamp that had everything I was looking for.

Outside of that the hours were spent moving boxes and boxes of things from old office to car (thanks for awesomeness, RAV4) and from car through three sets of doors into new office without getting locked out.  I also put a bookshelf together twice.  Building furniture with poorly illustrated instructions past midnight is about 0% smart.

Foodwise, I brought a bunch of snacks since I knew I’d be pretty active for a long period of time without access to food.  I packed two bananas, multi-grain Breton crackers with brie, leftovers of an unsalted mix of seeds, a couple of granola bars, I knew there was a LaraBar in my purse, grapes, pomegranate arils, and my 24 oz. Camelbak.  I went through one banana, the crackers & cheese, the grapes, and two waterbottles’ worth of water.  Moving counts as exercise and I have one thing to say about that – lift from the legs! Squat + lift saved me.

No moving tomorrow! 🙂  I’ll be spending the day with my husband boyfriend.  And doing laundry.  We are so out of whites.  Yesterday I wore embroided penguin socks to work.


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