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We are in the thick of moving.  The moving truck came through two offices on Monday and picked up big ticket items.  The painters finished the walls finally.  It looks pretty decent.  The president of the corporate park we’re moving into came by to check on us and said he was going to bring his wife by to look at the space because he loved it and maybe she’d do their basement like that.

The electricians are cabling, the builders are finishing an additional office in the suite, and I need to finish packing up my desk here in the old office.  My boss  expects several of us to be working out of the new office by Friday/Monday.  That doesn’t give me much time to finish up The Pile Challenge!  Pile 6 is still untouched, but the rest of the piles are pretty much gone save for some filing and action items.

I went to the gym for more weights on Monday followed by an easy three mile run.  This run was a little less sluggish than Sunday’s.  I’m getting there. 🙂  Tonight will be more weights.  I’ll save my next run for tomorrow.  It will probably be around the 3-4 mile range.

Monday’s dinner began with my picking up strawberry-banana smoothies made with skim milk on the way home from the gym.  Then I made egg & veggie sandwiches with 6 eggs (4 whites + 2 whole eggs, so D and I each got ~ 2 whites and a full egg), zucchini, spinach, a failed attempt to utilize some very antiquated mushrooms, a bit of shredded cheddar, and a light dusting of pepper and sea salt – all on toasted sprouted grain bread.  It was yummy and super easy. I’ve never claimed to be much of a cook so that’s how I roll most of the time.

Last night I was out late and feeling the need for junky comfort food so I got Wendy’s for both of us – a spicy chicken sandwich with honey mustard instead of mayo, fries, and a Dr. Pepper.  I ended up tossing most of the Dr. Pepper as it felt too much like I was just drinking syrup water.

I followed that up with lunch at Panera today.  I have been craving salt and bread by the bucket for the last several weeks.   My choices were the veggie soup and smoked turkey sandwich, both loaded with sodium.  The soup was tasty, though.  (Btw, my very favorite item at Panera is the black bean soup.)  I had soup at lunch yesterday, too.  It’s been a salty, soupy week.

I’m not sure what tonight’s dining delight will be but it will definitely need to be light after all of this heavy stuff!

I also need to finally cut the cord with that limp asparagus in the fridge.


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