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Zombies + Shampoo that doesn’t smell like butt

Whenever D knows I’m planning to head to the store, he texts me his list.  Today’s list:

milk, 2 cokes, breakfast shake (offbrand ok), shampoo that hopefully doesn’t smell like butt, candy and cookie stuff for jake, cheese sticks, hummus, pita chips, ?

Paint Update: So the blue = fail. Far too much blue for that space, plus it looked more like a 2 year old Smurf”s room than an IT office.  I switched it to a nice beige that I was actually able to see ON a wall IN person.  It works surprisingly well with our gray carpeting.  Very clean. Fingers crossed once again.  The CEO will grow to like it (that’s what I’m telling myself)?

Have you seen fall looks at Ann Taylor Loft this season?  Yumyumyum.

My Zombie Walking post got a lot of hits today by people doing last minute Halloween Googling on zombies and how to look like them.

I just did my own Google search on zombies and I am dying (lololol, good one, Sam):

(warning: don’t click here if you puke easily. or do. hey, it’s your keyboard.)


2 Responses

  1. so the question has to be, have you actually bought D shampoo that smells like butt??

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