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Cookie Swap

Tonight’s lifting at the gym felt great. I was so glad to be back after a whole week away.  It felt like an eternity.  Insert cheesy, wistful sigh here. 🙂

I loved the limerick that Kath’s husband, Matt, wrote for their Thanksgiving family dinner.  What a fun way to communicate information and set the mood!  I decided to write my own limerick for a holiday cookie swap I’m throwing for my Girls’ Night ladies. Most of it was written a couple of weeks ago but I finalized and sent it out tonight via e-vite.  It’s silly. 🙂

I know that it’s only October,
Too soon to be proclaiming love for
Decadent seasonal dishes,
Indulgent and delicious,
But I can’t wait for you girls to come over!

Peanut butter, snickerdoodle, Russian teacake,
Butterscotch, chocolate chip, your choice to bake.
Please bring about three dozen treats.
We’ll depart with an assortment of sweets;
Holiday cheer expressed through goodies we make!

When you arrive I’d love if you’d carry
An ornament with a price not too hairy.
One more thing – please remember
To respond by 12th November.
I hope you’ll join us to eat, drink, and be merry!

I’ll provide healthy snacks and rich de-caffeine.
By now surely you’ve noticed a theme –
I love my chocolate and coffee.
Eventually it will probably off me,
But currently a limit remains to be seen.

So don your most casual attire
As formality is certainly not required.
We’ll relax at my house and
You won’t see my spouse as
I’m sure he’ll flee as though he were on fire.

Check It Out: I updated the header to something more seasonal – a picture taken near Boston last year when we visited D’s family for Thanksgiving.  Gobble gobble.  I have also updated the Food section.  I noticed it’s been getting a lot of hits and I had yet to update it!


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  1. […] to get through my To Do list before tomorrow.  It will be a day full of meetings followed by the Cookie Swap!, plus a run in the morning if I can extract myself from my warm […]

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