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Piles 1, 2, 3, and 4 are completely gone! Admittedly, a new pile has materialized from the leftover To Do items from these now-defunct four piles.  Pile 5 has been thinned out.  Pile 6 is untouched.  Moving day is the end of next week or sometime the following week.

Wow.  The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind.  Yesterday at about 4:30pm my boss decided that he wanted our entire new office suite painted instead of sticking with the currently white walls.  He didn’t know exactly what color.  He just wanted it done and wanted it to look good.  And the deadline for deciding on all paint colors for this suite just happened to be 5pm today.  And it was all on my head.

So, after much discussion yesterday and today and  some lost sleep on my part, my coworker and I headed over there earlier today and spent over an hour looking through paint swatches, lighting, carpeting, wall angles, etc.  We finally decided on a lighter steely blue for 95% of the walls and a darker steely blue for several accent walls.  This will hopefully compliment the gray carpets and cubicle walls, the wood toned furniture, and the mixture of artificial and natural light coming through various windows.  I’d like to get a couple of nice plants for the space at some point as well.  I love blues and greens together.  Fingers crossed. Painting starts tomorrow.

Tonight will be my first day back to exercise since my race on Saturday.  I wanted to give my body a chance to truly rest afterward.  It’s been nice but I am looking forward to doing some weights tonight. 🙂


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