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The Pile Challenge

Today is a To Dizzle day:

  • Work on packing up the boss’s office for our company move – mostly done before his meeting & then I did some of mine, too. Yay for empty filing cabinets and bookshelves!
  • Get some docs and emails out the door
  • Pick up company paperwork from the accountant
  • Make appt. for yearly physical…I tried yesterday but the phone wait was too long
  • Submit the parking ticket for which my appeal was denied for reimbursement since it happened during set-up for an event.
  • Rough draft of an article
  • Prep for meeting tomorrow
  • Go to the gym
  • Play softball? My friend wants me to stand in for her. This remains to be decided. I haven’t played since 1993?
  • Cross my fingers that my computer is ready by the end of the day! update:  Per tech guy, it’s deader than dead.  It’s getting a face lift right now but should be ready to go tomorrow.

My company is moving across town starting the first week of November. I will be in the first round of employees to move in. That means I have roughly two weeks left in my current spot.

Now, I am a piler. I make piles. This contract needs to be scanned and filed and I’ve got two phone calls, a bunch of emails to return, and errands to run? Into the pile it goes! In my mind I’ve got better things to do than walk across the office to the scanner, scan it, walk back, wait for it to arrive, create a shared folder in my boss’s computer files for the client, stick the document in there, share the folder with myself, sort the folder in my files, then locate my keys in my purse, unlock the filing cabinet behind me, and file the document. However, that also means that things eventually back up.

I have decided that these piles in my office are not going with me, at least in their current incarnation. Therefore, I am challenging myself to sort through and eliminate every single pile by moving day. As a result, I will be able to start out in my new office with a clean slate and some serious peace of mind.

The Pile Challenge

Behold the piles (ignore their file names, I reordered them).

Pile 1 – Light filing and some docs that need to go out. Out with you! (Not the daisy plant that refuses to flower, you can stay. )

pile 1

Pile 2 – Important docs that require action soon

pile 6

Pile 3 – Filing and tasks without due dates, aka this will never get done unless email and phone go down for a week and my boss ships himself off to an island

pile 3

Pile 4 – Odds and ends, mostly filing

pile 2

Pile 5 – Mostly items to be recycled but I want to go through this to be sure

pile 5

Pile 6 – Mostly filing, scanning, etc.

pile 4



4 Responses

  1. I loathe piles – I am a pile keeper, for sure! I always think “I will get to that later” but NEVER do!
    Healthy Eating,

  2. […] Piles 1 and 2 are almost gone! […]

  3. […] Jump to Comments Piles 1, 2, 3, and 4 are completely gone! Admittedly there is one pile that has materialized from the leftover To Do […]

  4. […] working out of the new office by Friday/Monday.  That doesn’t give me much time to finish up The Pile Challenge!  Pile 6 is still untouched, but the rest of the piles are pretty much gone save for some filing […]

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