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Back on my feet.

Tonight was my first day back in the gym after the race.  It exhausted me and I felt like such a softie!  I did 30 min. of weights and then ran a little over three miles on the treadmill.  I got pretty light-headed and dizzy toward the end of the weights so I wondered if I hadn’t eaten enough carbs today.  I did have snacks after lunch but I guess they just weren’t enough.  It was ironic considering a piece I was writing today.  I snuck into the locker room before my run and had a Hammer Gel and was fine after that.

It was really nasty out – cold, raining, dark, depressing – but I almost wondered if that was better than the human hamster wheel.  Good lord is it dull!  It did get better then longer I was on it and it helped to have others suffering along with me 🙂 but I can’t imagine doing most of my runs this way for the next four months.  I will definitely be running outside once I get cold weather running gear.

I kept my pace easy as I feel that’s the safest way to treat the final days before my 10K next weekend.  I’ve missed so many runs due to my back and general exhaustion that speedwork at this point would probably hurt more and increase my risk of injury than it would help.  It’s so important to build a solid running base before adding speed, plus you *can* get faster by running a lot of distance at a slower pace.  I hope to do an easy six or seven mile run this weekend.

In unrelated news, this is going to be my office starting in November.  It is a modest 133 sq. feet.  Please help me decorate it!


(Disclaimers: That is not me and this is not my stuff!)


2 Responses

  1. Congrats on the space! What are you going to be using it for?

    • Thanks, Tasha. My branch is moving to a new space in November and this is where I will be hanging my hat. I am an Executive Assistant to the CEO of an IT services company.

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