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Cacao nibs + spinach

Navitas Naturals sent me a sample of their Sweetened Cacao Nibs. I was totally pumped to open the box because I’ve been looking for these everywhere.

cacao nibs

What exactly are cacao nibs?

According to the literature that accompanied the nibs, Navitas Naturals Cacao Nibs “are made from partially ground peeled beans, while the cacao liquor is made by pressing these shelled beans into a paste. We combine the nibs with the liquor along with a touch of cane juice to make our decadent sweetened cacao nibs.”

The smell is wonderfully rich and similar to that of dark chocolate. The nibs look like little pieces of chocolate granola or perhaps chocolate-covered Rice Crispie thingies (technical term). However, while chewing they have the crunch, texture, and taste of coffee beans, perhaps with a hint of chocolate. They are extremely rich.  That makes my taste buds happy.

Aside from the high levels of deliciousness, cacao nibs are also packed with antioxidants and are a good source of fiber.  So far I’ve tried them:

  • plain
  • in cereal with milk and other accountrements
  • in low fat vanilla yogurt

Honestly, I think I prefer them plain.

I sprinkled them on my fiber cereal & peanut butter one morning. It created a bit of a burnt taste even though they do not taste burnt plain.  The same thing happened with my yogurt as well. Perhaps I need to try them with something non-dairy?

Overall, I am pleased with them, especially plain as a sweet treat. Navitas also included an Organic Superfood Goji Berry Chocolate Kit in their shipment. It comes with everything I’ll need to create homemade chocolates in an ice cube tray or candy mold. Sweet! I can’t wait to make these and not share them.

If you have a minute, take a look at how much I love spinach!


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