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Gotta say, today was a hard day to be trying to eat healthfully.  My coworker brought me Starbucks, although I just got a nonfat misto so I did the best I could there.  I had a business lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, but stuck with water, a light side, and ate the innards out of my delicious tuna burrito.  I had the Snickers bar from D that of course I had to eat!  And after work we had a welcome-new-employee get-together, which involved obscene amounts of fattening appetizers, a free round of drinks, and good company.  I sampled most of the apps., went a little overboard on the cheese fries, nixed the alcohol and stuck with ginger ale.  After an hour I made myself leave to hit the gym for some weights work.  Later I was glad I did but it was def. hard to do at the time.

30 min. weights – everything felt good for the most part although the arch was a little sore (hopefully will clear up with new shoes) and my lower back around the sacroiliac joints was sore.  I think I’m mostly but not fully healed from that irritation of a few weeks ago.  As soon as these races are over I’m going to do some serious rest to get back to 100%.  Speaking of which, I’m taking a break from weights until next Wed.

45 min. ride with Grant staying mostly in zones 1 & 2.  Had a hard time getting my heart rate up without really working it, but my goal was to stay aerobic, stretch things out, and just enjoy getting the blood pumping while rekindling my relationship with my bike.

Doing some laundry tonight in preparation for this weekend’s trip to my race.

Tomorrow’s plans

No exercise, or if I must, just a ride on the trainer

More laundry

Grocery store to stock up on goodies for me and food for D while I’m gone

Pack all of my sports gear for the race

Get out my weekender bag and preliminarily throw a few things into it to set my mind at ease

Get gas

Relax with D

The weather is supposed to be perfect for racing this weekend!


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