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I’m finally feeling better.  Yay!  Still tired but not completely fried.

Saturday’s wedding went well and was the perfect way to end my wedding season (my partner still has some to do in her area but I’m done).  I was there about 9.5 hours and spent almost all of it on my feet running around so it was a pretty active day.   A couple of lovely photos:

(Photos: Magnifico Photography)

Sunday – The walk was a success and ran so smoothly!  I worked behind the scenes to make sure people got checked in and helped clean up afterward.  Got a bit of a burn and was on my feet for about two of the four hours.  I crashed hard on the couch when I got home.

Monday – 30 min. lifting, 3 mile run.

Tuesday – I’ve been having issues with my right arch that have been getting progressively worse over the last few weeks.  It was most noticeable after last night’s run.  I think my shoes are the culprit.  They’re a little old anyway so I went to the running store over lunch today.  After they again watched me run, but this time with a freeze-frame camera, we determined I needed more arch support than what my current shoes provide.  So, much to the dismay of my wallet but to the absolute delight of my feet, I ordered these:

Hopefully they will do the trick.  The triathlon club discount helped.

Today I went to swim practice.  Yay!  The two drawbacks to swim training for triathlons are that you do ALL FREESTYLE and mostly distance.  Those are my two least favorite things to do in practice.  I have always preferred workouts with a wide variety of strokes, distances, sets, speeds, etc.  Keep things interesting, people!  I was less concerned about speed and more focused on enjoying the process and getting the laps done so I mixed things up a little since I had the lane to myself.


200 swim

2 * 150 kick/drill/swim – backstroke instead of free

4 * 50, descend 1-4

Main Set

2 * 400 (I did 350 of the second one)

3 * 200

4 * 100 (these were supposed to be 200’s but we got bored with 200’s and chopped them up…I did some backstroke and took a 50 breather…this is what I get for not having swum in two weeks, tsk tsk.)


200 back/breast/free/floating whatever

Total:  2,600 yards

I think tomorrow will be 30 min. lifting plus a nice, sweaty workout with Grant.  Can’t wait!

Four days until I hit the road for my last tri of the year (and second adult one ever).  Yikes!  Actually, it hasn’t hit me yet.  I think it probably will tomorrow when I start thinking about laundry to do before I go.  At least I have a free place to stay thanks to a sweet friend from college.

D brought home a Snickers bar for me tonight after I expressed crazy desire for one yesterday.  What a nice buddy!  Saving it for my 2pm chocolate craving tomorrow.

Thanks, Google.


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