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Plugging along

Monday’s 2 mile run after 30 min. lifting went fabulously.

Tuesday’s 2750 yard swim went pretty well:

400 swim
2 * 200 on 3:10, kick/swim/drill/swim by 50

Main Set
2 * 300 pull on 4:10 – arms felt really good and solid
4 * 200 on 2:45, descend 1-4 – No descending on my part. Basically just worked my ass off to keep up.
6 * 100 on 1:25 hold all at moderate-fast pace

Cool Down
200 easy – I did 100.

Total: 3,000 yards….I miscounted once, sat out a couple of 50’s, and only did 100 cool down to get to the meeting afterward in time so my overall distance was 2,750 yards.

I paced with M in the next lane over. She is a grad student and former swimmer for William & Mary. She’s currently a member of our tri club and coaches the swim practices. She has a relaxed stroke, lightning flip turns, and a really good underwater pushoff every time. I managed to more or less keep up on most of the sets but took a couple of breathers to recharge and get back in the game. She complimented me several times on my pace so that felt good. I’ve never been a huge fan of freestyle and it’s never been my strongest stroke relatively speaking (although given how infrequently I do the other strokes now maybe it is at the moment) but I’m working it out. I’m sure it would also help if I swam more than once a week!

Wednesday – My 10K plan says I was supposed to do a five mile tempo run last Wed. and a speedwork session this Wed. Because I skipped my main two runs last week due to back issues, I decided to be good to my legs and ease back in this week. Therefore, I skipped speedwork and instead did five easy miles yesterday. Four miles before it got dark and one mile after 30 min. strength-training on the indoor track. My legs were generally achy during and afterward, but after a solid sleep last night I am feeling fab today.

Thursday – I had originally planned to swim tonight as they’re removing the lane lines to simulate an OWS, but I think I’m going to give my body a break and take the day off from exercise. I’ve got 6 miles and lifting to do tomorrow, a 12+ hour day on my feet at a wedding on Saturday, plus a bunch lined up for next week, so tonight I’m going to meet up with the girls for dinner and call it a day.

Update on my bike trainer – The CycleOps Mag trainer from Craigslist didn’t work out, but I found an even better deal on a Kurt Kinetic trainer that a friend of mine is picking up for me tomorrow. I should get it mid next week. I’m excited as this brand is supposed to be top quality/performance and I’m getting it at a fantastic price. This time next week I should be all set up and hopefully cranking out the miles!


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