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Three Weeks Out

I’m three weeks out from my second triathlon. Yay! Tentative schedule for this week barring sore body parts:

Monday – 30 min. weights, 2 mile easy run

Tuesday – 2500-3000 yard swim practice

Wednesday – 5 mile run (either easy or tempo), 30 min. weights

Thursday – probably rest as it’s Girls’ Night

Friday – 30 min. weights, easy 6 mile run

Saturday – wedding, on my feet for 12+ hours

Sunday – rest or easy bike ride; quick run-through of transitions at home

The weather for this tri will probably be remarkably cooler than the last one. Need to look into this and figure out what to wear.

I was looking at the girls in my age group signed up for this tri and some of them are FAST. Holy crap. Like regional leaders fast. I think my original “realistic” goal of placing in the top 15 of my age group is still reasonable. My “preferred” goal of placing in the top 7 of my age group is probably a little unreasonable. I will be happy to get top 10. My “holy crap” goal of top 3 is still that – holy crap and highly unlikely. But it’s all good. It should be a cool experience to meet such fast girls and see how they race.


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