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Swim Workout

Great-looking swim workout from Team Whimsy:

“From USMS Swimmer Magazine, September/October Vol. 5, No. 5

500 Free breathe every 3/5 by 5, long push-offs on each turn
200 kick- no board streamline (50 on your side/50 on your back, repeat)
100 drill of choice

IM Set
1×300 IM
4×50 fly 1:05 swim strong with relaxed face
1×200 IM
4×50 back 1:05
1×100 IM

Freestyle Set
4x (3 x100 Free) swim each round at the same pace- no breaks. Keep focus on the black line and relax your back and shoulders. The challenge is, as the interval decreases , to maintain the pace without starting too slow.

Round 1: 1:40
Round 2: 1:35
Round 3: 1:30
Round 4: 1:25

Easy 100 Free

Hypoxic Set
12 Doughboy 25s-no breath- with 20 seconds rest. Breath control with relaxation. (The Yogis say fall down seven times, get up 8, so if you need to take a breath just start again)

4x50s easy”


2 Responses

  1. Have you done it yet? I still haven't tried. I am really commiting myself to more running for my marathon. But I am missing my swim workouts. Maybe sometime this week I can make a little time for some water! Let me know what you think!!

  2. Not yet. Depending on how my back does when I attempt an easy run tomorrow, I may or may not be doing pool-heavy workouts this week. If so, I hope to try this out. It looks sweet!! Thanks!

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