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Ugh, I hit a hiccup in training this week.

It started during lifting on Wednesday morning. My lower back started to ache a little on the right side. I tried to stretch it out as soon as I noticed it and modified the rest of my time at the gym to work around it. Showered, went to work, didn’t think anything more of it.

A couple of hours into work I realized the pain was getting worse. I couldn’t sit comfortably and getting up from my seat hurt like a b*tch. I tried walking it out, stretching it out, icing it off and on all day. Late in the afternoon my right leg started to get partially numb and a little tingly if I sat in one place for very long. Since I was leaving town the next day with a four-hour drive each way I decided to see the Dr.

She said it’s sacroiliac joint inflammation. Not overly serious in the grand scheme of things but it would put me off running for 1-2 weeks. UGH. She said I can basically run once the pain is gone. She’s a runner herself so she gets it – said to contact her in a few days if it doesn’t improve and she’ll get me in to see a physical therapist to get me back in shape for my races. I should be able to swim and bike.

While I was gone on Thursday and Friday (a friend of mine is a PhD student and was going out of town for research; I tagged along for a break from work/routine), I did a good deal of walking. The pain has traveled now. It’s less noticeable in my back and now more noticeable in my leg joints – hip, knee, ankle. My gait feels “off” when I walk and sends pain up the side of my ankle as if I’m stepping wrong.

Today I am listening to my husband and resting completely at home. I got plenty of sleep last night, will be icing all day, and sitting on my butt. This sucks. I am so antsy to get back to my training – I’ve missed two runs so far and I’m not even sure I should be biking or swimming right now – but will hopefully have better news in a day or two.


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