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Tuesday Bruiseday

I just liked the way that sounds. I don’t actually plan to cruise for a bruise today. That’s tomorrow. Tonight’s workout will be swim practice with the always-entertaining tri team followed by a meeting during which the coordinator has promised to make himself look awkward. Fun will be had by all!

Yesterday – 30 min. weights, easy 2 mile run, once again having trouble staying on pace:

Mile 1 – 10:03
Mile 2 – 10:51
Avg: 10:27, 20 seconds off goal pace of 10:47.

Avg. heart rate was perfectly consistent, though – 153 BPM. I like how my 150 bpm HR puts me at a 10-something pace while the pros can maintain a 150 HR and win an Ironman. 🙂

Today – 1 hr. swim practice feeling delicious in my sushi suit

Tomorrow – 30 min. heavy lower body weights, 5 mile tempo run…aka it’s leg-killin’ time

Thursday – Rest

I leave you with a haiku:

itchy red spot —
it appears mosquitoes like
evening bike rides too


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