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Yesterday’s spaghetti squash dinner was tonight’s leftovers and they were just as good.

I also made another batch of chocolate hazelnut bites because we’ve already eaten the entire other batch *blush*. In our defense it doesn’t make a ton but, still, we did eat more than we should have. This time I’m trying it with homemade granola that I bought at the farmer’s market this weekend. It is much less sweet than commercial granola, and also a bit softer, so I’m hoping it will create the particular taste and texture I’m looking for.

I’m well into my 10K training plan now and enjoying it, although having to keep to a fairly specific running schedule to allow for enough recovery time does make it a bit difficult to fit other exercising in. I shouldn’t do heavy legs on a run day of more than 2 or 3 miles. I shouldn’t do a long bike ride after a long run. I shouldn’t bike and run on the same day. I shouldn’t bike or run every single day. These are all self-imposed rules designed to protect my knees as they continue to heal. Along with all of that, I have friends and triathlon club members doing runs and rides of their own on which I would love to tag along, except it’s almost impossible for my schedule and their plans to overlap just right.

Anyway, because of that, I find myself a bit restricted in exactly what I can do each day. And usually I find myself doing it alone. However, D has started doing some of my runs with me and that is really nice.

I haven’t signed up for my next triathlon yet. It takes place on October 11. I’m sort of scared to make the commitment just in case something goes wrong in my 10K training and I tear up my knees. I am 4.5 weeks out from it and just realized that, if I’m going to switch over to clipless pedals anytime soon, it needs to be ASAP.

Here are some of my short-term goals. It’s nerve-wracking putting these in writing instead of keeping them in my head but now that I’ve stated them I’ve gotta make them!

October Sprint Tri
Realistic goal: Place top 15 in my age group
Preferred goal: Place top 7 in my age group
Holy crap goal: Place top 3 in my age group

October 10K
Realistic goal: Break 56 min.
Preferred goal: Break 54 min.
Holy crap goal: Break 53 min.

December 5K
Realistic goal: Break 26:50
Preferred goal: Break 26:20
Holy crap goal: Break 26 min.


3 Responses

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