• "I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty." ~Imelda Marcos
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Sunday – 14 mile bike ride. I was not feeling it at all so the ride was long, hard, and weary. My average speed was sad.

Monday – 2 miles easy run in the morning, 30 min. weights in the evening

Tuesday – 2900 yards swimming – first practice of the year with the tri club and it was awesome! Love the pool we have access to, so nice. Followed that up with a tri club meeting and ice cream eating contest (although I had to leave before it ended).

300 warm-up
2 * 300…150 pull, 50 kick, 50 swim, 25 under water, 25 build
2 * 300 at a 1:30ish pace…I think we miscounted and only did 550
5 * 200 even speed at about 2:00
4 * 100 on 1:30….fast, slow, fast, slow
50 cool down, had to get to the meeting afterward

Total: 2900 yards, about an hour

Wednesday – Did my first ride ever with someone else and it was SO much better than riding alone. Holy crap. I learned so much more in less than an hour of riding with my friend than I have in weeks of riding on my own. Plus, we went faster. 11 miles total. Also 30 min. weights at the gym.

Thursday – 3 miles easy run on the track with D

I am sold on group rides now. It was so much easier and less scary to crank out a ride with someone else than it is alone.

People aren’t kidding when they say triathlon is an expensive sport. I realize I don’t *need* a lot of these toys but most of them really do help. And apparently roadies find it very important to look good even if you don’t “ride good.”

Current wish list:
clipless pedals & shoes
bike trainer
wetsuit (in process, still waiting to get the right size and 100% convince myself I’ll use it)
bike jersey
running/biking tights for cold weather
compression socks
tri suit
sweatproof/shatterproof/slipproof sunglasses for riding and running
bike rack for car
bike stand for home


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