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My First 5K

Two or three days after my tri last week, I still had the race bug so I signed up for a local 5K the following weekend (this past Saturday). My first two races as an adult in less than a week. I think I was a little nuts.

5K Race Report:

23-29 Rank: 5/13
Overall Rank: 153/239

I tossed and turned most of the night before. For breakfast I had a sprouted grain eng. muffin with nat. pb and nat. apple butter plus a cup of coffee with skim milk and a gulp of Gatorade. Little bit of water on the drive up and hit the bathroom at the Arby’s down the street before I entered the park. I was feeling a little lightheaded as the start neared so I popped a Shot Blok about 15 min. before it started. I warmed up with a 10-15 min. jog on pavement and grass, plus stretching. Very nice weather.

This was my first 5K that I’ve run (walked one in June). I was told by numerous people to make sure to pace myself in the beginning. I did throughout mile 1 and felt awesome by the time mile 2 came around. However, I sped up too soon then and suffered from about 1.75-2.6. I sort of subscribe to the Jeff Galloway method of using walk breaks for injury prevention and keeping yourself juiced so I took several small walk breaks including one through the water stop. I had some side cramping at one point but it worked itself out. Sprinted into the finish, although I would like to have been able to pick up my pace earlier than that. I finished 1:45 away from 3rd place in the AG.

After the race I did some light jogging, lots and lots of walking, and stretching. I avoided sitting down for about an hour after the race to keep my blood pumping and joints moving. I won another door prize – this time a stainless steel water bottle.

I loved this race. Loved the chance to pace myself even if I screwed it up a bit in the middle. I can’t wait to work on my pacing and do another running race, either this distance or a bit further.


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