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My Garmin was supposed to arrive on Monday but it arrived yesterday instead. Yay! I used it in today’s workout. Since I was well-rested and feeling good, I did a bike/run brick instead of just a bike.

Bike: 11.65 miles
Run: 2.04 miles

My bike pace was pretty bad due to lots of slowing and stops for pedestrians and cars, but I made it through a 20% grade climb that got me last week so that was a plus. Did fine without bike shorts and gloves, but was too chicken to try moving dismounts. The full stop & dismount will have to do for this race.

T2- 1:14, included loading my bike into my car

My run went really well. I didn’t feel the need to stop for my knees and my pace was 9:44/mi. including walk breaks with a peak speed in the low 7’s/mi. I was trying to restrain myself and go pretty easy. I drafted off another jogger for the second half of the first mile and that was nice.

I think I’m going to skip lifting this week and focus on moderate cardio. Picked up a race belt yesterday and also replaced my sketchy helmet after hearing about a triathlete who was clipped by a car this week and had his helmet to thank for not being a lot worse off.

This week’s plan:

Monday: W4D2 C25K plan or Rest
Tuesday: Easier swim practice, W4D2 C25K plan or easy bike
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Easy bike 15 min., easy run 15 min.
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Light bike & walk of the course
Sunday: Race Day


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