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Three Weeks Out

I’m three weeks out from the race. I sent in my check and registration last week. I’ve practiced T1 and T2 in my head a couple of times so while I haven’t done it physically, I have a better idea of what I will and won’t need. I bought elastic laces on Friday and laced myself up today so I will practice biking and running in these over the next couple of weeks.

My tentative exercise plan for this next week is below. My knees are feeling 90% good but I want them feeling 100% good before I work them hard this week. Therefore, I’m starting off with a swim or bike:

Saturday (yesterday) – Rest

Sunday (today) – Rest

Monday – I’ll either do a bike ride or the advanced swim practice avoiding extensive breaststroke for a hard but low-impact workout. If knees are feeling good, I will do a timed fast 2 mile run afterward to get an idea of where I stand pace-wise (walking for 30 seconds every 3 or 5 minutes if necessary). It should also simulate running at the end of a hard race. If the knees are not feeling excellent, skip run.

Tuesday – Fast 2 mile run (walking for 30 sec. every 3 or 5 minutes if necessary) if I didn’t run Monday. Otherwise rest.

Wednesday – Whole-body weights followed by intervals on bike.

Thursday – C25K run/walk easy pace. If knees are feeling good, do speed intervals instead. It’s Girls’ Night, though, so I may end up taking this evening off. If so, push run to Friday.

Friday – Whole-body weights, run if I didn’t run Thursday.

Saturday – Simulated race using equipment I plan to use race day. Emphasis will be on the bike ride – Brief swim, T1, 10-14 mile bike ride, T2, brief run. Practice using sports drink on the bike. Also practice changing a flat tire after the ride in case I screw something up.

Sunday – Rest

Equipment-wise, I don’t think I will need anything for the race other than what I have now. I will wear a swim suit underneath everything. I’ll add shorts and a tank top during T1. I’ll wear sunglasses for the bike but not for the run. May add a hat for the run. I’d ideally like to use only sports drinks during the bike so I won’t have to deal with packaging, digestion, or getting nutrition during T2. I should have something available at T2, though, just in case I don’t use the drink on the bike. I’m pretty sure I will need some sort of fuel between the bike and run.

T1: Pull off goggles and cap, pat down dry including feet, shorts on, top on, socks on, shoes on, sunglasses on, helmet on, go.

T2: Rack bike, helmet off, sunglasses off, hat on?, nutrition?, go.


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