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My new swim suit arrived today! This is the first racing suit I’ve bought since probably 2001ish. I’m trying to shed my old habit of doubling up on worn-out suits for practice to create drag and get more use out of them. I have been informed that it’s very passe. The two suits I have left in good shape no longer fit me because I have (barely) developed hips since I bought them many moons ago.

I’m really pleased with the cut and construction of this suit. The material is a polyester mix and the seams seem solid. The legs aren’t cut extremely high as some suits are, it fits nicely around the mid-section, nicely around the back and butt (no wedgies), and flatters what boobage I have. One thing I will note is that the sizing is a little small as is often the case with racing suits. According to their sizing chart, I should be wearing a 30 or 32, but I ordered a 34 and it just fits (which is good, it will stretch out over time). I wouldn’t go any smaller.

I haven’t had a Dolfin suit before but I’m happy with it so far. Especially for less than $30! We’ll just have to see how it performs in the pool.

Excuse the tiredness…this is after work and a trip to the gym.

Dolfin Uglies, you may have just become my new friend.

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