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I am training for a triathlon and I am so. excited.

I did a couple of Ironkids triathlons as a child back when I swam. I have vague but fun memories of them. I remember waiting for one of the swims to start – there were hundreds of kids just sitting there on the pool deck. I remember swimming and then getting out to head for T1. I remember getting a little torn up during one of the T1’s and gashing my leg a bit. I remember being on the bike and nervously hoping I was going the right way. Ha. And then I remember heading out for the run on some grassy hills and looping around a building, then heading into the finish line where my parents stood, cheering. I also remember being super pumped about the free stuff they gave us, including sponges that looked like pieces of bread (one of the sponsors was a bread company). I don’t think I ever placed, but I finished them and had fun in the process.
Anyway, after I started getting back into shape last winter, I somehow got an itch to do triathlons and it hasn’t gone away. My patellar tendinitis has certainly affected my racing plans this year but about a week and a half ago I found a super sprint tri that I should be able to complete without pain or reinjuring myself. Plus, I just want to get my first adult tri under my belt already.
So…the race is on August 9. It’s a 400 m. zigzag pool swim, 8 mile bike, 1.8 mile run. I wanted something very light on the run for my knees’ sakes.
To get ramped back up into running at a pace safe for my knees, I’m doing the Couch To 5K Program. I’m currently on Week 3, Day 2. I won’t be finished with the program before race day but as long as my knees are feeling good, I should be able to knock out 1.8 miles with mostly running at a good pace.
To prepare for the bike, I’ve been biking whenever I can. I think this will be the key to getting a good time. I am not a great biker – just bought my road bike in April – but I’m trying. I’ve been doing rides for a couple of months now and trying to slowly increase my distance. I did 14 miles on Monday and rode up every hill on the path, quads burning, lungs heaving, bike computer reading 5-8 mph.
I’m a little rusty on distances but I think I’m ready for the swim. I’d like to increase my strength and speed a bit for the sake of my pride as a former swimmer who used to do this faster, but if I had to do it now I’d be okay. Right now I’m clocking in at 5:45 for a normal 400 m. I’m thinking everyone’s times will be slightly slower at the tri due to zigzagging and no flip turns but it should seed me well enough.
Therefore, most of my focus will be on the bike and possibly the run.

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